“Leave No One Behind”


This morning.

The Convention Centre, Dublin

Former President Mary Robinson opensthe  INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research) conference.

Good times.

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14 thoughts on ““Leave No One Behind”

  1. eoin

    Shouldn’t that slide read “The Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice (in liquidation)” and has Mary decided if she’ll return the €1.1m cash balance (at end of 2017) to donors including the Irish taxpayer.

  2. M

    I look forward to the day – surely once before I die – that an Irish ‘celebrity’ or ‘media’ ‘personality’ endorses an unpopular or ‘controversial’ cause.

    Has it ever happened?

  3. eoin

    Australia’s well-regarded 60 Minutes broadcast a report on Dubai this week. Latifa claims she was imprisoned in Dubai for three years and four months when she attempted a previous escape, and further claims she was constantly tortured and physically beaten up.


    Mary Robinson’s intervention and the same low-resolution photos with what looks like a heavily medicated Latifa feature towards the end.

  4. Lurch

    I have to say that I find it strange that Mary Robinson is usually vilified on this site.
    Her lifetime achievements are incredible. Her work on human rights, gay rights, womens rights, climate justice etc. are almost incomparable.
    Granted the Latifa issue has poor optics but surely Mary Robinsons record speaks for itself??
    I’m very grateful to her for what she’s done.

      1. Lurch

        How so?

        She’s been at the centre of every civil rights movement in Ireland since the 60s.

    1. Lilly

      Climate justice? What are she actually done to bring about climate justice apart from clock up air miles as she jets around the world spouting hot air.

      She had a chance to do something concrete to help one woman in captivity and what did she do? True to form, she clocked up air miles to spout hot air.

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