What is This? A Seomra For Ants?


Bilingual broadcaster (and ‘sheet favourite) Laura Gaynor inspects the accommodation at Jacobs Inn, Dublin.

Ireland’s first pod hostel.

No overnight guests.

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19 thoughts on “What is This? A Seomra For Ants?

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    If you’re staying in a hostel, you know you’re going to be sharing a room/shower/toilet and a separate cooking space with 11 other people and the price will reflect this accordingly. These pods give a bit of privacy at night, rather than the usual open bunk beds. Of course, they’re not far off Eoghan’s co-living wet dream, but you won’t be paying 5* prices for 1* living here.

    1. Chris

      Your comment started off reasonable and then you just did a 180 with a ridiculous comparison to co-living buildings. This is a backpacker hostel and NOTHING like the co-living “wet dream”.

      1. martco

        “NOTHING like the co-living “wet dream”

        well now in fairness to @Daisy I think she was just getting at the design aspect there & indeed it’s not far off…I reckon all that’s missing from the design to fulfil Eoghan’s creamy moments is the multiplexing part…but easily sorted! here’s how that works:

        you rent your pod along with 2 others, it’s a 2 hours on 2 hours off rota but like it’s grand ‘cos you get to y’know hang out in the communal creative space with the other cool off-rota people in your unit…watch TV, pool, playstation, yoga, maybe do a spot of Japanese fusion cooking* while you wait for your sleep slot to come around again. all for €1800pm excl. management fees & bills

        (* assignment of a ring on the shared cooker hob is subject to slot allocation)

    2. Cian

      You’d pay €25-30/night for one of these pods in a 10-pod-room sharing a toilet/shower(by looking at random Tuesday nights in August/September/October). this is 750-900/month, for a phone-box-sized pod.

      The Dun Laoghaire co-living @1,300 for your own room, gym, cinema, games room, etc looks pretty good in comparison.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        How much does the blueshirt fraperoom pay these days, Cian? You surely can’t be debasing yourself like this for free?

      2. Cian

        it was because someone was saying on the Eblana Avenue co-living post earlier this week that you could live in a hotel cheaper…

      3. Termagant

        “your own room, gym, cinema, games room”
        But it’s not your own. You share with dozens of other people.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Stayed in many a pod while travelling – they’re great. They also utilise brownfield sites and inject some evening life into what were bland uninhabited urban districts.

    Usually go for a 4-POD room which costs between €25-€35 pn. These ones are € 50.67 pn. ! Ah Dublin.

    1. paul

      I was about to say, they better be extremely cheap for what they offer (very little) but yeah… Dublin.

  3. shortforBob

    As far as hostel dormitories go this is pretty good.

    Not a patch on Japanese pod hotels though

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