Ah here.

Spotted at the Courtmacsherry Festival, County Cork at the weekend.

Uncanny Séan O’Rourke, In fairness.

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Pic via Barry Holland

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8 thoughts on “Swing State

  1. eoin

    Heehee, is that Josepha Madigan in the glasses? And is that Alan Farrell holding his back?
    When 6% of your TDs are either making or facilitating dodgy compo claims, FG, you should sense you have a problem. When the mickey-taking reaches the level above, you need to do more than a tokenistic slap on the wrist.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      6% that we know of… how many went undetected/unreported, how many more were settled

  2. Mr.Fart

    hahaha that’s brilliant. so funny. fair play to them, really gas.

    id care to wager FG members wouldnt even crack a smirk at that. theyre so ego driven and self-absorbed. same with FF, like when the painting of cowen in the nip was snuck into the rha gallery, he had an opportunity to say he thought it was gas, and endear himself to the public. instead he fell silent and got his wife to ring the rha and give out yards to them.

    1. Iwerzon

      And RTÉ issued a personal apology to Cowen at the top of the evening news for reporting on the NGI pictures earlier . That was when I knew RTÉ was undoubtedly State controlled media.

  3. LuvinLUnch

    Hey delighted to see this featured. They’ve a great community in Courtmacsherry.

    You missed the picture of Kim John Young. Yes, there is a fella in Courtmac called John Young. They dressed him up as Kim John Young and stuck him on a trailer with a trump impersonator.

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