That Folk Isn’t Lunny Anymore


Dónal Lunny (right) and Andy Irvine

Last week, with a pair of tickets to see trad legends Dónal Lunny and Andy Irvine in Whelan’s, Dublin on August 15, I asked you to select your favourite track involving either man.

You answered in your folking tens.

But there could be only one winner.

Third place:

Scottser writes:

As I Roved Out by Planxty: Lads, NEVER marry for land. you’ll end up singing lovely songs in Dorian with confusing last verses for your troubles.


Fairyqueen writes:

My favourite is Lake of Shadows by Moving Hearts. This tune just melts my heart but also reminds me of 2FM in the 80’s. The Other Side of Midnight was the show presented (I think) by Mark Cagney and it finished at 2am when the station closed down and the programme always finished with this piece of music. Happy Days….


B9Com writes:

I pick My Heart’s Tonight In Ireland (by Planxty) for a few reasons: original song, based on actual events, eg they did camp in barns etc. like true troubadours; evocative lyrics became instant classic for musos; not only are lyrics evocative but inclusive and encompassing –  the verse in particular about the lock-in captures the best of Ireland in a few short lines in every sense IMHO.

This version (above) is also particularly good as not only does it show a great band sound , musicianship and humility with other members parking their egos at the door ( for once), the transition to the coda of a typical “session tune” is outstanding in the best traditions of the band’s touchstones and the tune itself is played to perfection and with the same reverence as more clever and celebrated work. You can hear the audience gets it too.

Thanks all.

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Top pic via Logainm TG4

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  1. B9Com From No

    Lads this is folking fantastic

    Thanks so much and again please give the tickets to scottser and fairyqueen who fully deserve and will appreciate them

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