Getting High On Your Own Supply


Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin

This morning.

The Irish Examiner reported Micheál Martin received a €30,000 salary bonus in 2018 through the parliamentary activities allowance taking his take home gross pay up to €124,353.

A total of €8.19m was spent by the eight main parties in 2018 on this allowance which can cover Public Relations, travel and general administration.

A report to be published by the a Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) reveals:

Fianna Fáil received €305,353 for “the provision of consultant services, including the engagement of public relations services”.

Fine Gael spent €73,907 under the same category while the Social Democrats spent €3,000 on PR.

Of the Independent TDs, some of the top spenders on PR included Minister Katherine Zappone who claimed €23,450; Michael Harty who received €23,500; Michael Lowry who was paid €13,716 and Noel Grealish who got €16,827.

Micheál Martin receives €30,000 salary bonus (Examiner)


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2 thoughts on “Getting High On Your Own Supply

  1. Joe

    I work in Tech Sales and most of my colleagues in their late 20’s & early 30’s make 130k+ pre-tax. The fella is leading the second largest political party in the country. Do people think he should be on minimum wage?

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