‘A Receipt For A €3 Train Fare Was Also Claimed’


Alan Farrell TD and the Tivoli Jardim hotel in Lisbon, Portugal

Via The Irish Sun:

Whiplash compo claim TD Alan Farrell hit taxpayers for €3,000 for two foreign trips during the time he said his injuries were at their worst.

…Less than two months after the prang, he spent two nights at the four-star Tivoli Jardim Lisbon while travelling with the Oireachtas Justice Committee to study decriminalisation of drugs.

The total cost of the June trip to the Irish taxpayer was €1,579.53.

His three-night Helsinki trip for the annual meeting of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe just a month later set us back €1,310.18.

Farrell stayed at the swanky Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa at a cost of €507 with a receipt for a €3 train fare also claimed.

Taxpayers foot €3k bill for Fine Gael whiplash compo claim TD Alan Farrell’s trips abroad while he suffered ‘pain’ from prang injuries (The Irish Sun)

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26 thoughts on “‘A Receipt For A €3 Train Fare Was Also Claimed’

  1. eoin

    Is he still refusing point-blank to answer questions from the media, tabloid and “respectable”, about the compo claim? Despite his holding forth on the cost of insurance?

  2. Prof.Fart

    what a grubby little greddy underhanded waste of space. one thing to be claiming expenses clearly above requirements, i couldnt spend 1500 on two days if i tried, but the prang he was claiming would’ve put a serious expense on the shoulders of a regular citizen. one woman. he clearly has more than enough money but was willing to lie in order to wrangle money straight out of the pocket of one woman who im sure could do without coughing up 1000s. how the eff do people re-elect rotten people like him? why does no one care what this crowd do and to who? is it simply because its not them?

  3. postmanpat

    Wow! what a scandal . Looks like it’s curtains for Alan Farrell. Resignation letter in 3..2………………………….(?)

    1. pedeyw

      It took you a whole hour. You’re getting slow. Though in this case your comment is entirely appropriate.

      1. Holden MaGroin

        Say what you will about Dav and his obsession with Fine Gael. He’s consistent. And I admire that.

  4. Cian

    I agree that Alan Farrell was totally wrong on that compo claim, and this needs to be investigated.

    But what has that to do with his work trips? Who else went to Lisbon? And how much was their expenses? Was Alan’s drastically different?

    1. Rob_G


      Compo claim is dodgy AF, but €1,500 for flights and two nights accomodation, and then maybe one or two meals and taxis here and there, is not mad money.

      1. Bodger

        Having being in so much pain as he said he was and then having to do all that long-distance junketing is worth noting. He must have one of those air cushion neck things.

        1. Ian-O

          Yep Bodger.

          He is now known for not being an honest person and having poor ethics.

          Every single thing he does from here on in should be scrutinized to fupp, if that’s an issue, he can step down and stop talking the state salary (but will take any pension that he has on the go of course.)

          Reputation should matter.

  5. DOC

    Leo messed up with Alan Shatter – He lost his vote because he threw him to the Wolves
    FG Vote lost
    But Leo is a quick learner. He demoted Bailey but she can run in the next Election
    So can Farrell so there is Two votes for Leo. He will do anything to stay in power and every vote counts
    Leo wants to get this BREXIT business done with and in the meantime he will keep moving the Furniture around
    Ultimately he does not care
    But his days are numbered

    1. Cian

      Jeeebus, I can see Bailey actually getting in again. The other FG option is Mary Mitchell O’Connor! :-(
      Sean Barrett is there too, but he’s heading toward retirement age.

  6. Ron

    Don’t know why your all surprised. Alan Farrell represents who Ireland is as a country. And that’s why is he elected. For all who vote for him, that’s a representation of who they are. For all who stay quiet and allow him to go unchallenged, to continue fleecing the state and taxpayer with no accountability and questionable methods, that’s a representation of the type of person you are.

    1. B9Com From No

      For once I fully agree with Ron
      Well said
      Proof a stopped clock is right twice a day but still

    2. martco

      +1 Ron

      sure look at how that slime ball Fitzgerald got her fat EU job despite all her doings to Maurice McCabe. Lowry everytime. Shane Ross. watch as Maria Bailey scores another go at the trough next GE. we truly deserve what we get.

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