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  1. shayna

    So sorry about the news that it was Nóra found. Another Michaela Harte, or Madeleine McCann mystery? Different continents, I know – but – unsolved, with seemingly no apparent reason? I’m generally a gentle type, but I’d happily take a camán to to the head of any scum involved. Nice one to the O’Shaughnessy brothers in Aus!

    1. eoin

      To continue the series of unpleasant comments following recent deaths, I’m surprised that the body was found within 24 hours of a reward being offered, apparently, just a mile from the villa and apparently in a state which would make DNA identification from any third party difficult.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        “To continue the series of unpleasant comments following recent deaths”….

        Foolishly, I hoped you’d have the common decency to be contrite about your scummy post yesterday, instead you’re revelling in it.

        Pity you can’t learn how to copy and paste respect Eoin.

  2. eoin

    First she sues David Grimes.

    Now, she’s suing Panti Bliss aka Rory O’Neill.

    I’d be very surprised if she stops there…

        1. some old unicorn

          Thanks oul fella.

          Oh dear- at least one crowd funder on the way so. Doesn’t she know you will never win an argument with a drag queen?

          She’s kind of painted herself into a corner mind- cease and desist from banging drums and amplification- does the dirty protest continue so?

          And in what format- interpretative dance perhaps?

          No scrap that one- they’ve already proven they can’t dance. Mime maybe? The white faces would be appropriate.

          1. some old unicorn

            Also a question- I assume this case is going to be based on a lot of things said on Twitter- has there ever been such a case in Ireland before?

            Of course a lot of what she has said will be dragged up too- and some of that is not pretty.

            Not sure that legal handbags with a drag queen is the best way of establishing yourself as a serious politico mind- especially one like Panti. Rory’s probably sketching out the plans for a new book, film and world tour right now.

          2. some old unicorn

            Ii have been wondering that about a number of them- From the pictures on Saturday- some look like professional scratchers but some looked pretty affluent- or at least not poor. One would have a British Army pension but the rest of them?

            They seem to send their time operating sock puppet accounts on twitter although after Saturday, several’s Facebook accounts were named as abusing others and subsequently closed- by the owners I assume.

            This is an interesting read about Sweden.


          3. The Old Boy

            There has been a reasonable amount of defamation litigation arising out of Twitter and other social media. The fact that it was on Twitter (as opposed to, say, a speech at a rally or printing a pamphlet and handing them out on O’Connell Street) doesn’t change the liability, legally speaking. The question of the site’s liability, as opposed to the user, sometimes arises but as Twitter hasn’t been named on the summons that isn’t the case here, if the intended case is as you say based on comments made there.

            It’s worth pointing out that plenty of summonses never make it even as far as being served on the named defendant, so the case hasn’t really got off the ground in any meaningful way just yet.

      1. eoin

        It will be a humdinger of a case for all sorts of reasons, but out of respect to Bodger’s frayed nerves, best to see it publicly unfold.

        1. some old unicorn

          I can see a #sosuemegemma kicking off- particularly as she appears to have employed the same legal firm as the previous recipient of such.

  3. eoin

    Why does Western media (particularly in the former British Empire) think we’re so interested in protests Hong Kong. And what side should we be on, the protesters or the Chinese? Does it make it easier to decide when the protesters use the HK flag which is based on the flag of their former colonists, the British? I feel conflicted.

    Also, are there still weekly protests in France which our media is ignoring?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      the 39th yellow vests act was the 10th of August, they are gearing up for the rentré, most protests and strikes take a notch up in the months when everyone has some steam after the month long August holiday ( grand depart ) and a nice bubbling resentment of coming back to earth with a bump
      Paris and many other big cities are virtually closed except for tourists of the beaten track wondering why all the butchers are closed, everyone is on the beach or in clifden ;)

  4. eoin

    The Daily Star pays tribute to the “Brits” who tackled the knifeman in Australia.

    We shouldn’t forget the Donegal man, Shane Donaghey.

    “The 38-year-old carpenter [Shane, from Buncrana] caught up with [the knife attacker] Nay and helped to pin him to the ground during the attack on King Street in the city’s central business district.”


    Shane got a wound to his arm for his troubles. Top man, a hero, well done.

    1. Alex

      Sure birds crapping on your food is no harm.
      More interesting is the number of Asian food premises that get closed down

      1. The Old Boy

        I know a man whose business is fabricating and fitting stainless steel kitchens for restaurants and he is constantly surprised at what won’t get a restaurant shut down.

      1. eoin

        That’s an interesting read, thanks Johnny. Commercial interests trump geo-political interests, even in the USA, who knew.

  5. martco

    more MMOC buffoonery
    (perhaps her special advisor is on holliers, left to take care of the utterances all by her-shelf)

    1. GiggidyGoo

      She’s obviously a miser herself. Same outfit used twice recently in public – the shame of it.
      Other than that, she’s a FGer, and that explains a lot.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I’d have people in the same outfit a lot more often,
        another little thing you can do to save the planet

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Should be the norm but it seems a female thing to get a new outfit for different occasions. The fascinators are another waste of (I was going to say ‘hard earned’) money.
          Males gave it sussed.

  6. DOC

    MMOC stirring the pot again
    When she is not crashing cars in the Dail car park she is making stupid comments about student grants
    God bless her
    But she is no Charles Haughey
    Say what you want about Charlie but he had a great taste in shirts

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