Ourselves A Lane


This morning.

On Camden Street in Dublin 2.

Cyclists and supporters of I Bike Dublin stand by a dedicated cycle lane as a means to prevent people from parking or driving their cars in the lane.


RTÉ’s Philip Boucher Hayes from the lane stream media LIVE on Camden Street reporting for CycleDrivetime.

Pics: I Bike Dublin and Stíofáin MacLochlainn

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34 thoughts on “Ourselves A Lane

  1. Jim

    These painted cycle lanes are ridiculous in fairness. Surely, in most places, if we stole 1ft of footpath and gave it to cycle lanes we could then raise a small kerb and segregate the lanes from the road. Would it be that big an undertaking (civil engineers please advise). The demand is there for it.

    1. Jake38

      Dublin city council have so far spent millions of your money over the past 7 years (that is not a typo) on a cycle lane for the north quays and built precisely nothing so I would not hold my breath.

    2. LeopoldGloom

      Those cycle lanes more often than not force you to give up priority constantly and/or they’re poorly maintained.

      N11 yesterday, I stayed in the buslane from Shankhill to City Centre. I probably saved myself a few mins by not having to stop at every junction to allow a car turn left, or every exit a car was emerging from.

      The most efficient means of transport in a city is by bike. This should be rammed home to everyone.

      1. postmanpat

        Right on all counts . I stay on the main road instead of the path bike lane on Cyprus Grove Road too . Why give up my right of way to cars coming from residential side lanes when I can have the same privilege as the cars on the main road?

      2. The Jury

        Just to ram home the challenges ahead, the ECB on Thursday also cut forecasts for growth in the euro area this year and next.

  2. phil

    Why do people have to go to this effort, I assume there are laws, and people to enforce the laws ?

  3. eoin

    “RTÉ’s Philip Boucher Hayes from the lane stream media LIVE on Camden Street reporting for Drivetime.”

    Why does loss-making RTE need three crew (at least) and bring a videographer for an audio recording that’s going to be played on radio? [Nothing against Philip BTW, he’s one of the best they have]

    1. Rob_G

      He looks well, has lost a bit of weight.

      In answer to your question – it’s August, I’m sure they are delighted to have anything to report on. I think PBH is staff rather than a contractor, he costs the same if he is sent out or not.

  4. Qwerty123

    That tub of lard in the grey t shirt should realise his feet may be on the line but massive gut is over it. Blocking traffic and making life harder for bus drivers, well done.

  5. Prof.Fart

    after being in amsterdam, copenhagen and malmo recently, dominantly bike cities, with beautiful women, on bikes, with bums vibrating and bouncing on the saddles, i fully support doing whatever we can to make Dublin more bike friendly.

        1. Boba Fettucine

          Would it be possible to have pedestrians doing something similar to guard pedestrian crossings against cyclists proceeding through red lights at high speed? The junction of Leinster Road and Rathmines Road requires two Lollipop Ladies (where there are already pedestrian crossings) to stop this from happening and kids crossing to attend school being struck by cyclists. I’m all for proper cycle lanes but as a pedestrian would very much appreciate if cyclists obeyed the rules of the road. This means stopping at red lights – especially ones where a cycle lane crossing and pedestrian crossing have differently phased signals to allow pedestrians to cross first, safely – like on the town side of the canal heading south.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            +1 strongly agree

            I have had more incidents with cyclists running red lights or not signalling than I’ve ever had with cars.

    1. Rob_G

      Perhaps if they have the designated cycle lane to themselves, they will be less likely to cycle on the pavement.

      1. The Jury

        If pedestrians had the footpath to themselves, they’d be less likely to be hit by a gobpoo on a bike..

    1. Ads

      The state of Dublin as a city for cycling is demonstrated by the fact that the vast majority of people cycling are young men. Even the cargo bicycle carrying children to school are largely cycled by men, unlike cities where there’s safe infrastructure for people on bicycles.
      As for the school crossings in Rathmines and elsewhere, it’s cars that are the danger – some Dublin drivers are narcissistically impatient and bullying.
      A good basic cycling network of 2,840km was designed in 2013 – if we built it these conflicts wouldn’t happen.

  6. The Jury

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