This morning.

Tayto Park, Ashbourne, County Meath

Reilly (top left) and Ellie (top right), Ambassador Dogs for Irish Guide Dogs, with (above from left) Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle; Nick Palmer, Irish Guide Dogs; and John Burke, Irish Guide Dogs, announcing news that two special awareness days for Irish Guide Dogs will take place at the park next Wednesday and Thursday with “an array of activities to support and raise funds”. In addition Tayto Park donated €5,000 to the charity.


Irish Guide Dogs

Tayto Park

Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

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2 thoughts on “Golden Eyes

  1. eoin

    “ambassador dogs”? In fairness, they couldn’t be more cute. If Angela Jolie or Rosanna Davison could be caninised, that’s what they’d look like.

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