Meanwhile, In Salthill



The Warwick Hotel, Salthill, Galway demolished to make way for a nursing home.

Photographer and musician Aengus McMahon writes:

The Warwick hotel…..memories keep flooding back. So many great nights, as a punter and playing on that stage . I’m now officially a sad old bastard full of nostalgia for my youth.


Aengus McMahon

14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Salthill

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Awwwww… many a fond memory… and before the “cool” stuff. Many memories of refusals for a dance, in the slow set :0)

    In secondary school, there was one night I remember the Warwick mostly for.
    I snook out of the house one Thursday night and headed to the Warwick.
    Taylors Hill (girls school) were having a 4th year dance.

    I managed to get in. Besotted by all the girls. I asked one to dance. She was nearly a head taller than I.
    A lovely blonde young woman, she asked… “are you in 4th year, you look a little young”.
    “I am” I grinned as we danced about the floor. We parted after the slow set, the night went on. And I had a coke for myself, shyly and quietly in the corner.
    Another slow set started… and I looked for the young lady again, and I asked for a dance. She said “yes” again.

    About two songs in, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and looked to see my eldest brother running his finger along his neck.
    “You’re dead” he said sternly, “Dad’s outside in the car.”

    I turned to look at my dance partner, my face, and hers spoke volumes… “what year are you in?” she asked.
    “Second year” I said.
    She laughed in a kindly manner. Sparing my blushes, she said “It’s goodnight then, thank you for the dance, it was lovely”.
    I said “goodnight” and left with my brother knowing I was going to get an earful from Dad, but she said that dance was “lovely”, so it was all worth it :)

  2. Otis Blue

    The Warwick was brilliant back then. Eoin Foyle dj’d there then before he went to Dublin. The epic Soul Solution was there for a while before moving on to the Beach next door. The original theme from Hawaii 5 0 seemed to be played each night as was Echo Beach. Great reel to reel visuals too.

    It also worked well as a live venue. New Order played there in 1985, having two years previously played the Aula Max in UCG.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I was in a Chinese restaurant at the Summerhill end of Parnell Street last year –
        food was gorgeous but the place was freezing.
        We asked them to turn on the heating and the waitress rolled out a Super Ser…. and then only lit one bar!

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Those Asian restaurants on Parnell St serve some whopping dishes but they’re not exactly strong on atmosphere and warmth. I’d go to that one now just for the gas aroma and the hum of the ‘Ser….and the to fire it up.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            To be fair, I was dragged in kicking and screaming but I was very pleasantly surprised, food was gorgeous.

          2. Paulus

            Lighting a fag off the Superser tested your resolve. You’d end up looking like John The Bull O’Donoghue if you weren’t quick.

  3. Ivor faulkner

    As a Salthill native who loved the place growing up there in the 50’s I left in 66. To quote Yeats: “ All is changed utterly, a terrible beauty is born”. While they’re at it demolishing the Warwick,plus Disco,plus Codd’s newsagents, they should demolish ALL of Upper Salthill( except Church) and start all over again. The once lovely seaside resort is a MESS. What are the ‘ powers that be’ doing with all the Tourist money?

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