A Refusal Often Offends


This morning.

Via TMZ:

The absurd attack went down at The Marble Arch Pub [Benbulbin Road, Driminagh, Dublin 12] on April 6 [but only released this morning]

Conor walked in and lined up cups for bar patrons … looking to buy a round of his Proper Twelve for everyone.

The problems started when the guy opted out. Conor placed a cup in front of him not once, but twice … and he still refused.

Unclear if words were exchanged between them, but after Conor downed a shot with the other drinkers, he unexpectedly threw his notorious left fist and decked the old man who rejected the shot.

Perhaps most odd of all … the poor, old pub patron who got socked didn’t even get knocked off his stool. People are just tougher in Ireland, apparently

G’wan Drimnagh.

Chins of steel.

Conor McGregor Punches Old Man On Video Over Whiskey Shots (TMZ)

34 thoughts on “A Refusal Often Offends

  1. AFoxIndeed

    if he left straight after, did he basically just steal a round of terrible whiskey for his mates?
    Fair play to the old lad, took it like a champ, i’d rather take one of his hits than a sup of that whiskey

    1. Liam Deliverance

      A total scumbag – punching an aul fella, from behind, because he didn’t want to drink with a total scumbag. Lowest of the low.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          the way he tapped out at first sign of trouble in his last fight… he’d be more mayo material

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Aul fella had it coming! You don’t disrespeck Conor McGregor’s whiskey, or you get a slap.

  3. eoin

    “McGregor has spoken to detectives over the assault report but was not formally arrested over the matter.

    A file has been passed by police to Ireland’s Director of Public Prosecutions to make a decision over whether to charge the star.

    A Garda spokesman said: “(We) are investigating an incident at a pub in Drimnagh, Dublin, on April 6.

    “No arrests have been made. Investigations are ongoing.””

    Reports the Sun.

    I’d love to know the story of how that CCTV ended up with TMZ [and not the Sun or Sunday World, where it would probably be worth €50,000+]

    1. Prof.Fart

      “invetigating” .. yea i could see how that could take a while alright *eye roll* .. investigation should be (1) yes thats mcgregor (2) yes he punched an inncent old man (3) warrant fro arrest .. but the reality would be a guard saying “woa woa woa now this is ireland, that man is very rich, we dont just go around arresting rich people”

      1. Rob_G

        In order for an assault charge the man would have had to make a complaint.

        I imagine one of McGregor’s hangers on was sent back to offer him a wedge of cash to forget about it, and I’m sure it was accepted.

  4. Dhaughton99

    A jumped up Yo! with zero class. I’d say his neighbors around the K club have great fun with him and his mates.

    1. some old unicorn

      Used by those who need it least and God’s way of separating fools from to their money- yes.

      Also- the quickest way of turning a nice person into the most self indulgent bottom hole possible.

  5. Fade Street Intellectual

    Amateur hour. Like to see 3 Piece Suet try that with a 93 year old aul wan in the Noggin Inn.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      An oul wan’s handbag would probably knock McScummer out – ideally with a naggin of decent whiskey in it.

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