It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye


A spokesperson for Tetrarch Capital told that tour operators in Howth will “continue to offer boat trips to Ireland’s Eye, and these visitors are very welcome to the island”.

Nice of them

Was it for this?

Ireland’s Eye sold to private investment group (The Journal)

Pic: Bord Failte

12 thoughts on “It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye

  1. johnny green

    Morning eoin-Big Paul has reinvented himself-there is life as a director after the spooks were in at INM :)
    Did DOB/Digi seed this new outfit-usual wage slave suspects x treasury/zoe etc.

    “Chairman of Tetrarch Capital
    Paul has been Chairman of Tetrarch since July 2013. Paul founded Connolly Capital, a boutique investment banking firm in 1991, and he is an internationally experienced corporate financier, private equity investor and non-executive director with over 30 years hands on experience primarily in the media, telecom and hospitality sectors.

    Currently Paul serves on the Boards of HT&E (Australia), Communicorp Group and he is Chairman of the private Irish media group Business & Finance as well as UNICEF Ireland.

    In the past Paul has served on the boards of two NASDAQ quoted companies, EsatTelecom Plc and Hibernia Foods Plc, as well as the boards of Irish media company Independent News & Media Plc, Melita plc and Digicel. In addition, Paul was a Senior Advisor to Credit Suisse through January 2018.”

    1. eoin

      Plenty of commercial and personnel links between Denis O’Brien and Tetrarch but no direct shareholding.

      1. johnny green

        thanks eoin-NAMA had a 50 million loan on the Ritz which they sold for 1-funny who ended up owning it-huh:)

  2. Rob_G

    The exact same argument could be made, with as much justification, about the land that Cllr. O’Brien’s house is built on, though I doubt that he would see it in quite the same light.

  3. baz

    and Broadsheet link a twitter feed from a communist calling for blood to be spilled and death all because of a legitimate business transaction
    Ireland where begrudgery has been replaced with marxism

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