5 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Spud

    This is very common across all the retailers.
    I presume it’s so they can sell at bulk at a discount.
    Better turnover helps with stock control also.

    Many of them have made commitments to get rid of plastic, but I don’t think that they’ve specifically said they’d go loose for all either. We’ll probably still get fruit in ‘compostable’ packs, but the where and how it gets composted will be another issue.

    To limit my use, I’ve just got the my local fruit and veg shop. I was surprised at how competitive it is pricewise, and the littler bit extra I may pay if offset by far better quality and range of stock. I know not everyone have a local shop like that though.

      1. Spud

        Are they closing in numbers?
        Around the Dublin suburbs, I know many have really upped their game and are doing ready-meals and selling lots of other bits and pieces.
        I guess with many people under time pressure they’ll try to do as much of their shopping in one store, especially as meats in places like the German discounters is quite good.

    1. edalicious

      To add to that, loose fruit is more likely to be damaged so you get a higher amount of unsellable stock which is factored into the cost.

  2. some old unicorn

    is the reason not because wrapped fresh increases the shelf life- therefore is cheaper? Getting rid of plastic is good but they really need to come up with alternative transparent wrappers- otherwise what was wrapped will rise in price to the same.

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