New Model Gardaí


Top from left: deputy Commissioner John Twomey, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, Assistant Commissioner Michael Finn and Chief Administrative Office Joseph Nugent

This afternoon.

Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris unveils the new Garda Operating Model, considered to be ‘the biggest restructuring of the force in modern times’.

An Garda Síochána says that there will be an increasing number of community policing teams.

It also says that there will be a reduction in administrative structures and the community policing teams will be working with communities to identify and tackle problem crimes in their area.

…the changes are designed to deal with the changes in Irish society, including the diversity of communities, the nature of crime and changes in the garda workforce.

…there will be an improvement in garda technical capabilities to tackle cyber crime, with 50 gardaí currently studying for a postgraduate qualification in economic crime.

Among the changes included is a reduction in garda regions from six to four and a reduction in the number of garda divisions from 28 to 19.

This is designed to release more gardaí to frontline duties and deliver a more localised service to communities…


Nearly 1,800 extra gardaí at frontline as part of structural changes (RTÉ)

Full report here


10 thoughts on “New Model Gardaí

  1. eoin

    Just love the graphic which suggests the old (grey) structure will be replaced by a blue colour and frontline Gardai will be trebled. Can anyone decipher the new services?

    Any word on the closure or opening of Garda stations?

    1. james

      Itbwill be better policing in areas where people fear breaking the law and the same old same old refusal to actually tackle the scum that consistently terrorise communities

      Less police for rural communities but more police checks in rural Ireland for tax and drink driving

      1. some old unicorn

        Skinny ≠ fit unless you are being sexual in which I shall sniff my salts and then leave the room.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I’m not inta skinny, but I guess even what you mean by that is relative, so many people stress about getting below 17percent bodyfat or whatever.. confidence is the real hot

          1. some old unicorn

            I preferred the old days when cycle attired Gardaí used to cause accidents around D7/8? It’s all combo shorts now.

  2. Truth in the News

    The new plan will make 2 Guards out of 1, Drew Harris should trot back to
    Belfast minus the armoured jeep and the security detail and tell us how
    the activities of Glenarm Gang were investigated….he is not going to reform
    the Guards, you simply have to disband the upper establishment and start
    again, if the rank and file had any guts, they would have got rid of some of
    them ages ago and all appointments above the rank of Sgt needs to be removed
    from political control, same goes for the Army

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