Ciarán Ferrie tweeted:

I cycled through Ranelagh about an hour and a half ago and there were 9 vehicles parked on the cyclelane including a taxi driver, a @DHLExpressIre van, a @JoysFlowers118 van, a @TescoIrl van and a @Postvox van. Where’s the enforcement @GardaTraffic @DCCTraffic? #freethecyclelanes


30 thoughts on “Cry Freedom

  1. Mr.Fart

    that would be very typical of ranelagh though .. “but i have to park here. because its easier for ME. and ME is all that matters”

      1. topsy

        If you use the “flashers/indicators” that makes it ok for the driver & fupp the rest of you is the attitude.

  2. Nullzero

    It’s funny how cyclists are upset about cycle lanes being blocked in built up areas (and rightly so) but then choose to cycle in bus lanes on dual carriage ways because the cycle lane above the kerb adjacent to the footpath just isn’t suitable for their type of cycling.

    1. Qwerty123

      it is not funny at all, we are talking about a specific piece of road here and illegal parking on it, you are conflating 2 different issues.

    2. SB

      They’re perfectly entitled to cycle in the bus lane. Have you ever actually tried to cycle on one of the so-called ‘cycle lanes’ they build in this country? In bad shape/full of glass/blocked by parked cars. Sometimes too, the cycle lane might be fine, but there’s no access to it from the road unless you stop and get off your bike.

      1. Nullzero

        So blocking cycle lanes is a problem but were they clear cyclists shouldnt be expected to use them? If I’m driving on a road that has a load of potholes can I justify driving on the footpath because it suits me better? Herein lies the problem with cyclists, on the one had you’re making a valid complaint about cycle lanes being blocked but also taking the moral high ground about cycling in bus lanes (and no it isn’t OK, or safe to cycle in them when cycle lanes are available) or just not using cycle lanes because a broken bottle may be located somewhere along its route. All road users have to accept that the roads may contain obstacles and take precautions to avoid damage to their mode of transport or their person. Only cyclists feel entitled to having teams of workers dedicated solely to keeping their cycle lanes clear at all times and keeping the surfaces of the same in perfect condition at all times.

        1. spudnick

          sorry nullzero, cycling in the bus lane is still a legal option even if there is a cycle path beside it, even though you may wish it otherwise.

          1. Nullzero

            I never mentioned the legality of it, merely the logic of putting yourself in the path of a bus when a safer, dedicated cycle path is right beside it.

            Cyclists love making demands of others, this article highlights some incredibly selfish behaviour on the part of motorists which is rightly being called out but here in the comments section cyclists are informingbus that the cycle lanes in this country aren’t good enough for them to use.

            What what is it going to be? Use the cycle lanes or not? A lot of the roads leave a lot to be desired as well but they are the only option available to motorists, damage to cars can trucks and motorcycles are caused by poor road conditions, its a part of road use that we all have to accept. Could roads and cycle lanes be in better? Of course. Should they be? Yes. Do we all get to drive or cycle wherever we like until those repairs are carried out? No. Why? The answer to that is self evident.

            Cyclists expect perfect cycle lanes, others to consider their safety and all while motorists are making a financial contribution to the state for the privilege of using their vehicle ls on the road network and cyclists use the roads for free without so much as having to pass a theory test to get out on the road.

          2. papa p

            “Do we all get to drive or cycle wherever we like until those repairs are carried out? No. ”

            Actually yes. Motorists can drive in whichever lane is legal.
            Cyclists can cycle in the cycle lane or the road. Both are legal.

            “Why? The answer to that is self evident.”
            It’s not.

      1. postmanpat

        Often on the cycle lane you lose your right of way. Its faster to cycle on the bus lane. The only people moaning are motorist who are sick they cant nip down the bus lane illegally when a cyclist is using it. .

  3. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Its clear that many motorists (and guards!) don’t understand, or care about, mandatory cycle lanes.
    I wonder would it help if the Corpo painted double yellow lines by the kerb, inside all mandatory cycle lanes. It is a redundant use of paint, but may hammer the point home.

  4. Spud

    Would love to see all street parking removed from Ranelagh.
    Place is choked half the time.

    But I’m sure local traders would cry over it.
    Many other european streets / areas of that size would have cars well away allowing the pedestrian / cyclists more freedom.

  5. AssPants

    It’s even funnier coming into winter how 9 out of 10 cyclist seem to forget they cannot be seen in the dark mornings on the road…..or maybe it’s deliberate not to be seen; appears risky to me.

    But sure isn’t the safe passage of a cycle lane more important than making a cyclist visible to traffic…..

    Hopefully while DCC are enforcing clear cycle lanes they will also clear off the road all those cyclist who cherry pick which rules of the road suit them.

    1. The Old Boy

      The number of cyclists who wouldn’t dream of going out without a helmet and yet cheerfully pedal along unlit during the hours of darkness never ceases to baffle me. Clearly no-one ever explained to them that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

        1. The Old Boy

          I am neither a helmet advocate nor a detractor. I just find that thinking “better protect the old grey cells with this styrofoam shell” while failing to take more basic and effective precautions against being hit by a vehicle in the first place is rather strange.

          1. shortforbob

            See also cyclists who wear helmets but fail to buckle or have the helmet so badly askew on their noggin it wont do them much good.

    2. spudnick

      asspants, if you were to raise an issue about potholes damaging your car on your local road, and someone reacted to your concern with “But I see loads of drivers on their phones!!!”, would you think that reasonable?

      1. AssPants

        I was sure this post was about road users imposing their defaulting rules of the road habits on others…. not about people on a phone or road surface potholes….

        Was I wrong?

        1. spudnick

          Yes, seeing the word ‘cyclist’ and thinking ‘perfect time to bring up my non sequitur gripes’ gets us nowhere.

          Come join us on two wheels, you might even like it…

    3. papa p

      “It’s even funnier coming into winter how 9 out of 10 cyclist seem to forget they cannot be seen in the dark mornings on the road”

      Do you see these 9 out of 10 cyclists who cannot be seen?

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