Another Chainsaw Massacre


This morning.

Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

Buzz O’Neill Maxwell writes:

Despite empty promises about consultation Dublin City Counci went in this morning and destroyed dozens of healthy trees in Brickfield Park…

What is going on?



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6 thoughts on “Another Chainsaw Massacre

  1. BroadSideSkid

    I’m not a ‘Tree Hugger’, but jayzez, what’s going on ?

    About 12-15 trees were cut down on the Long Mile Road In the last few weeks as well. Some hire company has rented the area that was vacant for a few years.

    I tweeted An Taisce about it, but they’re obviously too busy objecting to housing to reply.

    Trees give us oxygen, which is like, important stuff dude…

  2. The Lorax

    Alexandra College, Milltown, D6 cut down a large number of mature trees around perimeter this summer, peak nesting time?

  3. Operatick

    I’d really like to know what the story is. Surely its not just that they don’t like trees. What could the rational explanation be?

  4. V

    I suspect this an insurance thing

    Remember Storm Ophelia?
    Three deaths, all from roadside trees

    One a cancer nurse, Clare O’Neill, when a branch came through the windscreen
    The other a lad, Michael Pyle, when he trying to remove a fallen tree when another branch came away, and the services couldn’t get to him because of the trees posing a danger
    It was a falling tree that took the life of Fintan Goss as he drove home as well

    All happened when they were minutes away from their own homes afair

    It’s worth bearing in mind

    1. H

      By your logic we should chop down all trees….

      What I would really like to know is who is ordering/authorising the destruction of these trees.

  5. Archie

    Some aged trees on the roadsides have to be removed if they pose a danger to people/ Traffic passing beneath them. One case was the lady who died on Waterloo Road a few years ago as well as the Ophelia cases V mentions above. We also have a history in this country of planting the wrong trees in the wrong locations. Woodland varieties being placed between footpaths and roadside doesn’t equal longevity. Urban planners seem to be getting their act together now putting in upright hornbeams and other species more suited to streetscapes.

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