This Is What Happens


Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) and Brent Spiner (Data) with the alien baby from 80s space lizard miniseries ‘V: The Final Battle’ on the set of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’.

Too much? All right, everybody chill.


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  1. TheQ47

    Of course, Data was a “fully functional” android, as Tasha Yar discovered to her joy in Season 1 Episode 3 “The Naked Now”

          1. shortforbob

            Of course not, Babylon 5 is obviously better, there’s no argument. That and Babylon 5 came out the same time as Deep Space Nine so those two were compared more often. (Babylon 5 did fantastic long form storytelling but you’re welcome to point out the lower production values.)

            Farscape is underrated you say?
            You’d rather watch old Red Dwarf episodes?

            Fair enough.

          2. Clampers Outside

            I hated DS9 on first viewing, only lasted about five episodes and likened it to Home & Away …in space!

            I’ve since gone back for the whole lot, twice, or more. It’s not the best ST seriea but far better than my first impressions when first aired :)

          3. Rosette of Sirius

            Babylon 5 started as a decent space opera but degenerated by the end. It needed to be put out of its misery.

            Now. The Expanse on the other hand….

            THAT’S how to do space opera!

          4. shortforbob

            Despite the odd premise to boldly go nowhere DS9 had potential. Star Trek idealism clashing with difficult problems, I mean the second in command was a former terrorist! Took them some time to settle in and “grow the beard” figuratively and literally but DS9 is better than anything Star Trek that came after it.

            Babylon 5 was constantly on the verge of cancellation, which meant season 4 was great but rushed and overstuffed and the unexpected season 5 was very uneven. The fact that it had an deep long term storyline was amazing to me. Maybe there were others television shows that used long form storytelling like that but I struggle to think of any, and it took another decade or so for there to be shows where a season would have a significant arc.

            Farscape had aliens that looked so much more alien because of excellent work by The Jim Henson Company but I admit I admired that show more than I watched it.

            The Expanse is fantastic, looking forward to season 4, not much longer to wait! Hoping they get around to writing book 9 soon too. I wonder if people will eventually catch on to the Expanse eventually and it will go mainstream the Wire, who knows.

            But back to the picture that started this thread, never thought I’d see any kind of V crossover with Star Trek.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Probably to show that despite all other appearances to the contrary, the members of Starfleet are not totally stuck up with no sense of relaxation.

      To be honest, you would likely see them lounging like that on duty on the Orville, probably with a beverage in hand too :)

  2. M

    Jordan Maxwell had some interesting things to say about V a few years back..

    JM: Well, ABC is now remaking V. They’re remaking it. And I was shocked…
    KC: Oh, really? Okay. Fabulous.
    JM: Disney / ABC.
    KC: Very interesting.
    JM: And it’s going to be called V and it’s a remake of the original.
    KC: Okay.
    JM: But in it, the extraterrestrials who are referred to as the Visitors? The Visitors in the new one are giving to the public a pamphlet explaining their (quote) “New World Order” that they are bringing to planet?
    KC: Right.
    JM: And the picture which I have, shocked me. My knees got weak and I had to sit down. It was shocking. It was the Visitors, the alien (reptilian, ed) visitors – who looked like humans – were handing out pamphlets to the people about their New Order that they were going to bring in and the title of the pamphlet was: ‘The Dawn of a New Day’ – the very words that I have been researching for some 40 years is now going to be in the new V.

    I’d better not mention that all this is also related to the title of Gerry Adam’s autobiography (amongst many other things).

    Punters would go bat shit if I said that.

  3. V

    I suppose because COO Data was battery operated he was the most sought after bedroom companion on the ship

    So probably had plenty women satisfied

    Just saying

    the girls will know what I mean

    1. Tony

      Commander Data was powered by sarium krellide cell packs, augmented by biochemical and electroplasma micro-reactors.

      But you’re talking about vibrators right?

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