Days of Wine And Roses


Porn Victim – A Fabulous Weekend

For the weekend that’s about to be in it.

PV writes:

Footage of Thurles during the Féile festivals of the 1990s Sample taken from Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue.

Voices of Michael Lowry TD, Gerry Ryan DJ, and some Christian lunatic.

Long live the Féile!


Feile 2019

Pic: Wally Cassidy.

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Thanks PV

20 thoughts on “Days of Wine And Roses

  1. italia'90

    hahahahaha Oh dear sweet mudder of gawd but that’s me at 3.24 to the right.
    Got fired from Bewley’s the following Monday for not getting all my deliveries done in Tipp that Friday.
    Good times.
    Moved to NY a few months later.

  2. shayna

    The voice of Gerry Ryan, It was a JFK, Princess Diana moment when I found out Gerry Ryan had died, I was parked up outside Cardiff Indoor Arena – I drove a truck for Westlife, when I heard the news. You never miss them,’ til they’re gone.

  3. McVitty

    Back when social degeneracy was a counter-cultural….I miss those days.

    There’s a difference between a guy doing a line with his drinks and having a drink with his lines, if you get me.

  4. Iwerzon

    Aaah, girl’s in baggy jeans & jumpers – you never knew what you were going to get til ye got it. I was at all the T2Ts.

    1. TheQ47

      I’ve spent ages going through that video to see me or the current Mrs TheQ47, but not seen us yet. We’re there somewhere, though.

      I told my daughter recently that baggy jeans and jumpers were what girls wore when going out in the 90s, She looked at me and her mother like we were mad.

      I think we had more imagination then.

  5. italia'90

    Hah I wish.

    More like Blake Carrington than Blake 7 these days (if Blake Carrington was 6ft 3in 100kgs and looked like a perp from Crimewatch)

    Loving your articles btw.
    Don’t watch the show but I should as I love cake.
    Oh gawd do I love cake.
    Have all those ingredients you mentioned yesterday and more except the buttermilk. We have Kafir in the fridge usually but I don’t think it’s something you can bake with? lol

    Mrs italia 2.0 has a 100 year old recipe book hand written by her great grandmother that has been handed down to the eldest girl in each generation.
    It’s beautifully scripted in Hungarian(Magyar) but was written when they originally lived in Odessa.
    Mommika was from a very old jewish merchant trading family on the Silk Road.

    The crushed walnut and poppy seed biscuits are delicious and a traditional christmas confection throughout most of eastern Europe. My German and Austrian neighbours prefer the Vanillekipferl version she also bakes. Créme biscuit or nut créme biscuit i think they’re called in a few countries. Very popular at christmas as I said. Rum seems to be in a lot of the recipes too. No harm there :)

    But the red velvet chocolate marscapone cheesecake is out of this world. My fave.
    She always has requests to bake them for friends as birthday cakes.
    Only 61 days to mine :)

      1. italia'90

        Yeah I know.

        Off to Mongolia next month if ya fancy tagging along?
        I’ve an extra kevlar vest for ya n’ all.

    1. V

      Would the current Ms Italia share those recipes

      That red velvet cheese cake now would be right up our street here
      And breads, of all kinds. Especially the enriched dough, and sourdough ones. The Paddys have no tradition of rich bread or celebration breads
      So I’d love some traditional family recipes

      In the meantime
      Regards to all there, xV

      1. italia'90

        If she ever translates it into english, I’ll publish it myself V :)

        You’re welcome to pop over for some cake in November or in December and she’ll read a few out for you to jot down?

        She’s up the walls atm and I’ve started a new venture this year, so we barely get time to even eat together never mind the bould thing lol

        1. V

          Putting something in the oven is never bould ‘Talia


          ‘might folly you up on that invite btw
          If anything it’s a super idea to add to the Bake’sheet archive
          In fairness
          Ta xV

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