The Irish Abroad


The Fashion Outlets of Chicago designer clothes mall in Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois, USA

We’re [allegedly] stealing designer nether garments.

In groups.

Seven Irish citizens were arrested in Rosemont for their alleged participation in a retail theft at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, police said.

An employee at Calvin Klein Underwear called police because three females allegedly had taken store merchandise without paying.

Mall security informed police there were two groups of individuals and that the three females were involved in one of the groups.

Security directed police to a white Dodge Caravan in the parking garage where security witnessed a suspect allegedly get in the vehicle…

Rosemont Police Arrest Seven Irish Citizens For Retail Theft (Rosemont Journal)

Jack Jones writes:

According to police, none of the arrestees wanted to speak to the consulate.
Their initial court date is this morning [10:30 am] at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse [Chicago]….

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11 thoughts on “The Irish Abroad

  1. Joe Small

    The names in the article look a bit fake – Grainne Lohan, 21; Kyle T. Brogan, 21; Dillon Eireannach, 22; Paddy Humphries, 22; Kate A. Hurley, 21; Sinead Nolan, 22; and Jack Skehan, 22 but I assume the police checked passports. Still, “Dillon Eireannach”? That’s someone who can’t read a passport properly.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      There was an article a few year back where some Polish chap called ‘Prawo Jazdy’ had something like 14,000 penalty points offences on his ‘Driver’s License’. A intrepid guard eventually google translated the name.

    1. curmudgeon

      Not sure why you’re surprised, plenty of videos out there showing that US cops are judge, jury and executioner.

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