Meanwhile, Across Dublin City


This morning.

Across Dublin city centre.

Members and supporters of I Bike Dublin stage a ‘slow cycle’ demonstration, as part of this week’s Extinction Rebellion events.

Pics: Rainer Melzer, Onyerbike, and Cllr Donna Cooney


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27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Across Dublin City

    1. george

      Nope, when the journey home at rush hour takes a half an hour longer than usual it is not because of bikes on the road.

    2. BobbyJ

      Nah, just too many single occupancy motor vehicles travelling a distance that could easily be cycled.

    3. Brughahaha

      Doubt it …most bikes in Dublin get to achieve a far higher average speed on a commute than a car. There,d be more cycling if the cycling infrastructure wasn’t so poo poo …despite the endless platitudes from DCC.

      Although throwing their lot in with fruitcakes and zealots like ER instead of just campaigning for better bike infrastructure is a mistake IMO

      1. Ghost of Yep

        I hope you never intend on leaving Ireland other than in a row boat. Certainly don’t have children if you don’t already. If you do, I hope your washing line is full of hand washed in rain water towels for the sprogs upsies.

        1. Nigel

          Why would you hope those things? The best personal action you can take is politcal – vote on environmental issues. Everything else, just do what you can. Smug edgey idiots will never stop with the lame gotchas, but they’ll also benefit from cleaner air and water and reduced emissions, so bless their salty li’l hearts.

        2. Ghost of Yep

          It’s not about living in a cave. Its about people pontificating while aspects of their life leave a far bigger footprint than other.

          Voting politically to make a real impact iI find naive. If by some miracle the Greens won a majority here do you think they would just close down the farming industry?

          In this scenario what impactful change could you see in the 4 years?

          1. Nigel

            It’s not just about giving the Greens a majority. It’s about making environmental issues political issues for all parties. They can’t close down the farming industry, that would be catastrophic. They have to transform it. In four years we’ll be lucky if more politicians are taking these issues seriously and actively trying to win votes by promoting environmental policies. If just some of that is trickling down to positive changes then haleluia.

  1. eoin

    800 arrested in London so far this week, though, in fairness, they are seriously disrupting carbon emitting transport in London.

  2. Joe

    These cyclopaths are alienating the very people that they need to get on side by their useless antics.
    Boring as it is, the only way to create real societal change is through political action.

    I do wonder as to how soon it will be before we see either an even more mentally unstable Extinction Rebellion cult follower commit suicide or worse kill innocents, because in their fevered imagination they want to “save the climate”

    1. Hansel

      My trip to work this morning was an hour longer than usual because of a multi-vehicle collision, but I’m not blaming anyone else for that. I don’t blame the idiots that crashed on a straight section of motorway in good driving conditions. Because I chose to get into my car, with the expectation that there would be traffic and potential delays.

      If I’d cycled I’d have been at work much earlier.

      So as I see it, we must either accept that we’re driving inefficient carbon-emitting vehicles and deal with the traffic jams and emissions we’re causing… or change our ways. I don’t think this extinction rebellion crew really have to get anyone “on-side”. They’re hoping to cause a change in behaviour.

      Heavy traffic is pretty much good enough to encourage people like me not to drive. And I’d say there’s more than just me in this situation: there needs to be a congestion charge in the cities. And the money earned needs to go into sustainable transport.

    2. Not Gerry Adams

      ah yes, the ole “thanks for pushing ordinary people further to the right” argument, followed by some ridiculous hysteria that they’ll all turn out to be murderers. Nice wan Joe, but you’ve got to be better (as in, more subtle) at gaslighting if you want it to be effective

  3. Lurch

    Extremely worrying report on the dangers of fracked gas.
    At present the Irish Govt. are trying to push through approval for a plant to in Shannon to import American fracked gas, which will then be exported to Europe. The proposed plant will proceess vast amounts of this filthy fuel.
    Please consider writing to your local govt TD to oppose this.

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