How That Extinction Will Look

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Ah here.

This afternoon.

Dublin 1.

‘Extinction Rebellion’ activists and protesters lie down on O’Connell Bridge during Day 6 of their week-long Climate Justice demonstrations across the capital.


Sam Boal/RollingNews


There’s always one.

Take him away.

In your own time, officer.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

9 thoughts on “How That Extinction Will Look

  1. some old queen

    Oh please- drama llamas.

    – People dying on the streets because not even a safe bed let alone a roof

    – People spending half of their disposable income to share a room

    – People who find somewhere affordable to buy- spending 4 hours a day commuting

    But no- vague woolly protests because it feels good. Dublin M&S will be sold out of their overcharged and over packaged microwave dinners I expect- especially vegan.

    But they were the FIRST to charge for plastic bags so- all is good.

  2. john f

    I don’t want to sound unduly nasty but these people are fuppin idiots. If the gardai dealt with these protests in the same way that they dealt with water charges protesters their week-long demonstrations would have been ended after 3 hours!

  3. Joe

    They have set back Irish environmentalism by a hundred years!
    FFG must love what Stinky Unrebellion are doing in driving away ordinary decent citizens from protesting against the gubberments inaction on climate change!!!


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