Tandem Felix – Oil Money

If you are partial to smart indie bands that breathe the same air as Beck and Pavement, then you will want to hear the new single by Tandem Felix.

The Dublin hopefuls’ current line-up comprises David Tapley (top, vocals, guitar), Conor Muldowney (guitar), Evan Keogh (bass), Ena Brennan (violin) and Neil Dexter (drums).

The band name comes from the Latin epitaph on scientist Marie Ampère’s gravestone, which translates as “happy at last”.

Spot the Trinity student!

The smart-as-you-like video was directed by Ror Conaty.

You can catch them live next month.

Nick says: That petrol devotion.

Tandem Felix

4 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Spurs Official

    i was watching a match in rody bolands a few months ago and the food i ordered got sent to that guy’s table and he ate it. cool music tho.

  2. nicorigo

    Are Beck and Pavement breathing the same air? Well maybe at one stage,but Beck has been breathing in own farts for quite a long time now…
    Tandem Felix is pretty cool though.


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