The Connolly Quarter

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Ah here.

Gavin Daly tweetz:

Living the dream in a rented high-rise luxury bedsit in Dublin’s proposed “Connolly Quarter”. Everywhere in Dublin is now a “Quarter”


20 thoughts on “The Connolly Quarter

  1. Dr.Fart

    i can’t think of the last time i saw a new building in dublin that looked nice. theyre all so insanely ugly. not a lick of taste in any of them at all. what fuppin dinosaur architect is coming. up with these bland disgusting characterless designs???

    1. Custo

      Did you see those yokes they’ve built on the junction of con colbert / John’s Rd near heuston? They actually look like some sort of Eastern Bloc prison.

        1. A Person

          We need housing, we have a crisis, effing govt is useless.. But any proposals to build, we protest (well you and your lefties o). The heart is being torn out of the city, only rich people will live there, Bernard Shaw was brilliant, but I didn’t drink there. I will only protest about everything, do nothing, make no decision, nor get involved in any constructive fashion. I’m a lefty student

    1. Paulo

      They’re not that bad? The alternative is building something “cutting edge” which will look very dated by 2040.

      Surely 741 apartments in the North Inner City is a good thing? However I’m sure those constantly complaining about the lack of housing will also find a gripe with this…

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        it would be nice to see something that improvers the skyline, something sympathetic, it doesn’t have to cost more and pyschologicaly nicer to live in and more inspiring to maintain

      2. Termagant

        Not when the rents are going to be something like a cubic foot of lost Spanish gold, or 5 litres of your living blood.


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