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      1. bisted

        …both were elected by the party membership but using different methods…in the case of Corbyn it was a straight vote but with Varadkar it was weighted in favour of the elected members over general membership – a simple members vote would have seen Coveney elected since he got to highest ‘grassroots’ vote…I don’t know of any party which defers to the comment section of Broadsheet to elect it’s leader…

  1. Bud Flanagan

    So Magic Grandpa would negotiate a new Brexit deal from the EU but refuse to campaign for it in a 2nd referendum ?
    Welcome to the deluded world of Jeremy Corbyn and why he’s losing the election.

  2. f_lawless

    ..meanwhil,e after recently pulling out of a debate with Corbyn on Channel 4, Johnston has a disastrous performance on this evening’s BBC Question Time
    See clip: https://twitter.com/RichardBurgon/status/1197985725934952448
    “When a Conservative Prime Minister who feels he’s born to rule is outclassed and put in his place by the quiet, understated decency of a woman who cares about other people and hates the injustice in (British) society. “

    1. f_lawless

      It was so bad that no one from the Conservative Party was willing to be interviewed about it on camera later that evening on Newsnight. According to the presenter:
      “Rather remarkably this evening there isn’t a single Conservative available for an interview with us here at Newsnight off the back of the Prime Minister’s performance. Every other party which had a leader participating has managed to field someone”

    2. GiggidyGoo

      What she said regarding the torys and Johnston is directly applicable to the irish torys and Varadkar too.

      1. f_lawless

        Was. thinking that myself – the neoliberal policies such as austerity, the lack of empathy with those suffering most as a consequence; even the language describing people from ethnic minorities

    3. Bud Flanagan

      And in the real world…
      All three leaders given a hard time in the QT debate.
      Swinson came off worst, Corbyn and Boris both got out their message despite some torrid questioning.
      Will it make any difference ? Unlikely. Most of Britain was enjoying Friday night doing other things.
      The reality is five points still separate the best Labour opinion poll and the worst Tory one conducted throughout the election so far and generally the Tories have maintained a healthy double digit lead.
      Unless disaster strikes Boris will walk it.
      The joy then will be reading the bleating of the Broadsheet Brexit ” experts ” as their posteriors are handed to them on a plate.
      Never in the field of electoral conflict have so many of them been so wrong so often.
      Oy vey.

      1. f_lawless

        “..Unlikely. Most of Britain was enjoying Friday night doing other things.”
        Also in the real world internet streaming and social media are rather popular and #BBCQTDebate is currently at number 3 in top Twitter trends for the UK

        I’m curious as to why you’re so fanatical about the Tory party winning the UK elections.
        Here’s my prediction – a certain poster will change their moniker if the result they seem so sure of doesn’t go as expected.

        1. Bud Flanagan

          Reality check – the people who will decide the outcome of general election are not the Tiwtter generation.
          You make the classic error of someone who spends too long in the virtual world and not the real one.
          Prepare to bleat.

          1. f_lawless

            Who’s the fool?
            Final paragraph of the article you linked to:
            ‘Remember, too, that on the day before the general election in 2017 most pollsters were predicting a Conservative majority, in some cases of as many as 82 seats. In the event, the Tories failed to achieve a majority. Changes in vote share shown above are compared with the 2017 election result’

            Not the best article to link to if you’re trying to make the case for the reliability of opinion polls I would have thought?

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So, get your head around that. It would take just €1.5m, according to the Irish Wheelchair Association, to bring this respite centre up to standard. Instead they’re closing it. €1.5m is toilet paper money when you look at the ever, ever, ever increasing costs mounting up daily for, for example, the NCH. In fact, you’ll probably find that those costs are increasing by at least €1.5m every week. So why not €1.5m for people in wheelchairs?
    Well, isn’t it a nice building on its own grounds?
    Wouldn’t it make a lovely hotel with some investment?
    Wouldn’t it make a great DP Centre?

    As a particular newspaper’s sales pitch goes – ‘Before you make up your mind, open it’

  4. some old queen

    Everyone is beating down on Corybn about Brexit but I think it is a very interesting strategy. Brexit has torn the political establishment apart and is absolutely toxic- so by being neutral he is not alienating the 50% Leave which sandbags against Farage and forces the Tories own their mess.

    People are sick of Brexit and whiter you agree with him or not, nationalisation of rail, water, broadband and a large house building program are all very popular. As a strategic planner, everything has worked so far because he successfully blocked the UK from crashing out of the EU.

    He didn’t get where he is by accident so- time will tell.

    1. Bud Flanagan

      Corbyn has ” successfully blocked the UK from crashing out of the EU. ” ?
      What planet are you living on ?
      Rebel Tory MPs have been doing the blocking.Most of them have now been deselected or retired.
      Every single Tory candidate in this election has pledged to vote for the Boris.
      By coming up with his ludicrous position of having no opinion on Brexit Corbyn has doomed his party to yet another electoral defeat.

      1. scottser

        Hey charger, it’s been a while. Shame you weren’t here while bj was lying to the queen, illegally prorogueing parliament, screwing the DUP and negotiating a worse deal than May’s. It was quite the hoot. But stick around, I’d say this election will throw up a few surprises..

      1. some old queen

        He was the major player in forcing Johnson to go back and ask for an extension surely? I really wouldn’t like to be playing that boyo at chess.

        1. some old queen

          Of course the anti antisemitism spin has nothing to do with Corybn planning to ban future arms deals with Israel- zero connection.

        1. Cian

          His net worth has increased by £6bn in the last 6 months. A “plunge” of £760m is a small blip.

      1. martco

        yeah I’d concur. I have no idea whats afoot but that presentation had that subtle smell of disingenuous manufactured dirge coming off of it….about as straight shooting as an episode of Made In Chelsea.

        personally I believe anyone who invests in Musk deserves what’s coming to them. weirdos I can handle but for me he’s a nutjob. I wouldn’t buy so much as a pack of AA batteries off him.

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