3 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

  1. Bud Flanagan

    €1.6 million seems an awful lot of money for the government to spend on watching boggers plough up a muddy field.
    You could build a nice shiny new Direct Provision centre with all that moolah.
    And boy is Ireland going to need lots of them to be built as word gets around at what a soft touch this country is.
    Marvellous, what ?

  2. some old queen

    I take it that wan in the Daily Mail is the same clown who appeared on Claire Byrne in a burka? She was arguing that Smith should be taken home then- back peddling so- things must be heating up around Dundalk.

    If she can’t show her face on national television then she should not have be on it- otherwise, let’s go the whole hog and let dissident republicans appear in balaclavas.

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