David KeenanUnholy Ghosts

A hAon, a do, a tri…

So begins the new single from Dundalk troubadour David Keenan (top), who rounds off a busy year with a rousing celebration of the hobos he meets on his travels.

David says:

“I wrote this song on a train from Amsterdam [Netherlands] to Cologne [Germany], finished it as the train ceased to move, brought it in me to a Chapel in Cologne, sang it for the first time, left the Chapel with a liberated German bible under my arm as a souvenir.

“Reconciling my act of theft with the thought that it would be a useful reference for a line or two at a later date, and that the greater good must prevail…”

David’s debut album A Beginner’s Guide To Bravery drops on January 10.

Nick says: Keen on Keenan.

David Keenan

11 thoughts on “You May Like This

      1. Brother Barnabas

        that may be so, bodger – but seasoned cognoscentes on voguish vagaries like you and i know it doesn’t have to be that way

        and know too that it wasn’t always so – the more astute among us will have recognised david keenan from this [ irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/discover/this-dundalk-lad-singing-in-a-taxi-is-surprisingly-good-660493.html ] almost 5 years ago

        sensible haircut and a good winter coat back then


  1. Catherine Vaughan

    On a street you’ve never heard of, there’s a wooden piano on it’s last legs in a last chance saloon…


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