Keeping Body & Soul Together

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Electric Picnic in Stradbally, Co Laois

This afternoon.

Avril Stanley, founder of the Body & Soul Festival, announced on Twitter:

After 10 years as an independent festival, we have decided to step back from our presence and 16-year partnership with Electric Picnic so that we can refocus all of our attention to what the central idea behind Body & Soul.

Creating an intimate and collaborative festival of the future; one that can embrace social change in a hugely positive way while celebrating an important and ancient Irish feast in our own unique, stand-alone style.

We want to work towards bringing back a fresh energy and perspective to Body & Soul at the Summer Solstice Festival in Ballinlough and for our new winter festival ÉRIU (December 2020).

We are adding a new sense of purpose to our festival pillars of sustainability, well-being, creativity, culture and family and we hope to focus all of our efforts in bringing something different to the landscape of Irish festivals into the next ten years.

The Body & Soul family celebrates all the incredible and unforgettable moments in our first festival home and wishes the Electric Picnic every success in the future.

Body & Soul will no longer feature at Electric Picnic (Nialler 9)

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8 thoughts on “Keeping Body & Soul Together

  1. Robert

    B&S was seeming increasingly dischordant with the overall evolution of EP the last few years …

    It was for many years a pillar of the festival. But the festival has gotten bigger and bolder recently, kind of like Akira. No harm putting a bit of distance.

  2. f_lawless

    Call me cynical but that to me that just reads like marketing spin. The central idea behind Body & Soul is making profit at the end of the day. It’s a sizeable capitalist enterprise, after all. As much as they may want to appeal to the sensibilities of the environmentally conscious festival-goer, there’s no masking the large impact festivals have on the environment in terms of transport to the venue, fuel consumption, etc. “Festival pillars of sustainability” sounds like ‘greenwashing’-type spin – ie presenting an environmentally responsible public image. to obscure the true extent of the environmental impact of the business .

    I’m reading that back in 2011, Avril Stanley was saying “We are not corporate and never will be”. Cut to 2019 and they’re partnering with BMW.


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