What Is Whiteness?

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Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast hosted by William Campbell (above right), who writes:

What is Whiteness? Some proponents use it to cover everything from ‘all white people (and some others)’ to ‘white supremacists’, but have a hard time to define it.

Is this a real concept, or just an amorphous term to cover for bad arguments?

I ask (who else?) – a professor of social science, Steve Garner (above left) from the department of Social Science at Cardiff University…..

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Here’s How

2 thoughts on “What Is Whiteness?

  1. Captain Pants

    “Academics are asking for a conversation on whiteness” – a conversation usually involves two people speaking and listening to each other. With the likes of Robin Deangelo conversations are by definition Read-Only. The whole field is as epistemically closed as a discussion of Intelligent Design.

    “White people were invented in 1681” – Somebody ought to have told Shakespeare that when he wrote Othello.

    1. William Campbell

      You beat me to it! I actually had that in my notes while I was talking to him, but the opportunity to use it didn’t come up. Othello was written in 1603, and as well as the character of the Moor, has a racist reference to ‘were I a Turk’.


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