Designated driving paid by Big Hooch.




4 thoughts on “Chris The Saviour

  1. Bort

    Spin, is right, sure he got a nice fee. Sponsored by Guinness of course and the Vintners Ass.? As in they paid for this ad? Are they paying the drivers? Are they paying for fuel? They don’t give a fudge about rural isolation.
    Here’s a mad idea, a mad idea. If you can’t walk or get a taxi to the pub, you could go and not drink alcohol! Tea, mineral, water, NA beer, that’s an option or you could always take turns among a group to be the designated driver. Absolute nonsense. Where my folks live in Mayo everyone is still drink driving and taxis are readily available.

  2. some old queen

    I was in Kerry to drive some sound lads & lasses to the pub to launch #bullSpin with @corporateIreland, an initiative by local publicans to combat rural isolation.

    Primarily because an alcoholic TD is in charge of the relevant feels that rural members of Garda Síochána have nothing better to be doing than breath testing up a dirt tract in the middle of the night where you cannot see another vehicle from about half a mile.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Have people ever thought that it’s possible to drive to a pub and NOT drink alcohol?

    Crazy and outlandish, I know, but I hear it happens even in Ireland


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