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Before and after: Proposed changes to Kildare Street Hotel, 47-49 Kildare Street, Dublin 2; letter of objection to the plans by Frank McDonald

Further to the lodgement of a planning application to Dublin City Council – by Ternary Ltd, controlled by the family of businessman Larry Goodman – to demolish a terrace of Georgian houses on Kildare Street, Dublin 2…

Journalist and author Frank McDonald has written to the council (above) setting out his objection to the plan.

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9 thoughts on “Georgian On His Mind

  1. Dr.Fart

    DCC care not for history and heritage. They only care for the needs of tourists and foreign investors. They probably won’t even read this letter, they certainly will not take onboard any of it’s pertinent points. They have no problem with defacing the city for life if that’s what the right bidder wants. It’s deplorable how they’ve enabled the defacing of Dublin forever.

    1. Qwerty123

      “Only care for tourists”
      The above matter involves closing down a hotel and opening an office.

      Do you even bother reading the article before commenting? Or just the generic drivel in-between rounds at the hospital you work in?

  2. Chris

    Frank McDonald objects to absolutely EVERYTHING. These are some really dull and ugly buildings that have been chipped away and made even worse in the past century- they are a complete eyesore and I for one would be happy to see the back of them.

  3. stephen c

    but how many georgian houses do we have to save, like I get it save some of them, designate fitzwilliam, leeson and pembroke protected , we need taller buildings with more modern services, we cannot continue to exist in a city bound by georgian red brick 4 storey buildings. They provide no disabled access, the staircases cost a fortune to maintain and retrofitting any kind of telecoms / IT infrastructure is a nightmare, theyre also really expensive and unfriendly to the environment to heat.

    They look nice but come on, how many of them do we genuinely need.


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