Urban Irish Dictionary (Not Safe For Obair)



;Coiste na bhFocal’ Nua writes:

#GuerillaGaeilge is Coiste na bhFocal Nua’s (The Committee of New Words) latest effort to spread modern (and dirty) words online and in the wider world.

The stickers feature bilingual conversations that deal with terms and concepts sometimes avoided when teaching Irish.

The last one of 4 stickers has been launched today on the subject The Morning After (above).

We want people to be able to discuss all aspects of modern life in Irish.

We want to print at least 10,000 stickers, send them out and have people stick them up in pubs, car windows, buses, on your granny, wherever people will see them.

We have a target of €1,200 which will allow us to print and distribute 10,000+ high quality stickers. People who support us with €10 will get 32 stickers across the range of 4 [at link below]…


Guerilla Gaeilge (go Fund Me)