13 thoughts on “Friday’s Papers

  1. Charger Salmons

    I may be wrong but I think the coming election will come down to a choice between people who are thrilled to see their Taoiseach in his swimming togs peacocking around with his equally undressed boyfriend on St Stephens Day.
    Or those who are not.
    I’d be interested to hear the views of those who get up before dawn to milk cows for a living as well as the usual man-bunned millennials who normally get surveyed by the Irish media.

    1. Tea And Brexits

      Nobody swims in Dublin Bay – they just go through the motions (Brendan Behan). Same with Leo. It’s all PR bull on the day.

      Preferred Enda Kenny in Lycra actually.

    2. scottser

      You’ve obviously never seen Ron in his speedos.
      Cos us shallow daw jaws only vote for the whole package..

      And where are the Saturday papers huh? huh?


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