Hijack At Terminal 2


Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport

This morning.

Independent.ie reports:

Three people were taken hostage when a bus was hijacked at Dublin Airport in the early hours of this morning.

Independent.ie understands the shuttle bus belonging to a well-known hotel was stolen from the roadway in front of Terminal 2 around 1am.

Two hijackers locked the doors, effectively trapping the passengers already on board, and took off in the direction of the M1 motorway.

A source said the traumatised passengers were eventually allowed out near Julianstown, Co Meath, a 30-minute drive away.

Three people taken hostage after hotel bus was hijacked at Dublin Airport (Independent.ie)

Pic: Rafal Wojcicki


Garda statement this morning.

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        1. Qwerty123

          Correct, rest are done by Dublin people who moved counties, like we see in Meath and Louth at the mo.

          1. scottser

            It’s just that culchies don’t think that diesel laundering, dumping, dole fraud and driving without insurance are in fact criminal offences.

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