Hijack At Terminal 2

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Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport

This morning.

Independent.ie reports:

Three people were taken hostage when a bus was hijacked at Dublin Airport in the early hours of this morning.

Independent.ie understands the shuttle bus belonging to a well-known hotel was stolen from the roadway in front of Terminal 2 around 1am.

Two hijackers locked the doors, effectively trapping the passengers already on board, and took off in the direction of the M1 motorway.

A source said the traumatised passengers were eventually allowed out near Julianstown, Co Meath, a 30-minute drive away.

Three people taken hostage after hotel bus was hijacked at Dublin Airport (Independent.ie)

Pic: Rafal Wojcicki


Garda statement this morning.

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            It’s just that culchies don’t think that diesel laundering, dumping, dole fraud and driving without insurance are in fact criminal offences.

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