Tie Me Accent Down


From top: Ned Kelly; Actor George MacKay as Ned Kelly in The True History of The Kelly Family

This morning.

Via The Age (Australia)

George MacKay – a Brit (with an Australian father), who stars in the film, True History of the Kelly Gang – portrays Ned with a mainstream Australian accent.

It won’t please Keith Warren, an education officer in the Beechworth historic precinct who helps re-enact scenes from Kelly’s life every day.

He reckons Ned had ‘‘a very strong Irish accent’’ and that to give him an Aussie accent would be ‘‘historically ridiculous’’.

‘‘His dad was from Tipperary and his mum was from County Antrim. They wouldn’t have got rid of the Irish in the family. He was very Irish. The Irish brogue they used to call it. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.’’

But Dr Bruce Moore, visiting fellow at the Australian National University school of literature, languages and linguistics, says Kelly probably had an Australian accent.


Stone the crows: Ned Kelly may have spoken Strine after all (The Age)

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