“A Technical Oversight”

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Screenshot from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s election campaign video which he launched on Twitter; the video was subsequently deleted


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar posted a video about himself – which included RTÉ footage of himself – to launch his general election campaign.

It following his announcement that the election will take place on Saturday, February 8.

The clip also confirmed that the party’s slogan is A Future To Look Forward To.


Last night.

Cormac McQuinn, on Independent.ie, reported the video was removed from his Twitter profile because it contained RTÉ News footage without permission.

Mr McQuinn reported:

…It opened with international news broadcasters saying his name and a caption that claims he “secured a deal to protect Ireland’s interests” in the Brexit talks.

It also included RTÉ News footage featuring news reader Eileen Dunne which was posted without the broadcaster’s permission.

….A Fine Gael spokesman said the issue was as a result of a “technical oversight”.

He added: “Our production company previously attempted to contact RTE several times regarding use of this footage.

“The two second clip has been re-edited,” he added.


‘Clip has been re-edited’ – Varadkar removes election video that used RTÉ News footage without permission (Cormac McQuinn, Independent.ie)

19 thoughts on ““A Technical Oversight”

  1. newsjustin

    That’s real hubris. “Oh, we’ll just take this copyrighted footage for our advert, cos we’re the Taoish and it’ll be grand.”

  2. Treasa

    “We’ve made some good progress since I’ve become Taoiseach. But I know it’s not enough, and we want to do much more …” Copied word for word almost from the Mark Zuckerberg playbook: “We are an absolute cancer on society, granted, but give us another chance, we will definitely change *sniggers internally at the suckers who will fall for this yet again*”

  3. Jeffrey

    RTE Footage is fair use, as it is a state channel, especially the News Bulletin. But hey, I wouldn’t expect RTE to even know that themselves, that pack of clowns (valid for FG also).

    1. Rob_G

      “RTE Footage is fair use, as it is a state channel…”
      Fair Use is U.S. law. I don’t think think we have an equivalent doctrine. Also, the purposes of this video is the promotion of FG, a private organisation, so not for the purposes of commentary or critique of the news material itself.

      1. The Old Boy

        Correct. “Fair use” is not a concept known to Irish law. “Fair dealing” is provided for by section 221 of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 as amended last year, but this concept is a great deal narrower and would not cover usage of a piece of news programming in a political campaign video.

  4. Dr.Fart

    “He added: “Our production company previously attempted to contact RTE several times regarding use of this footage. “The two second clip has been re-edited,”

    They’re snipey little bitches across the whole party so. They illegally used footage and the response is “well we tried to ask them, its their fault for not answering. and it was only 2 seconds so they shouldnt have complained anyway” Quite similar to Varadkar yesterday, about the homeless 5 yr old, saying they tried to find him, and the parents are at fault. They’re truly a horrible party, top to bottom right across the board.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      +1 Doctor

      Also –
      “claims he “secured a deal to protect Ireland’s interests” in the Brexit talks.” AFAIK he did eff all in Brexit negotiations except come in at the end looking for credit

      1. Dr.Fart

        If he had done any solid work of note to impact negotiations we would’ve heard about it ad nauseam. All we heard was “our well educated leader quotes Greek mythology in presser” or “here’s a photo of Varadkar buttoning up his jacket and looking nobly into the middle distance while heading to Brexit negotiations” .. Never once were any details divulged. Appearance was the only concern of his. They are a party without substance, and ironically, even though the only thing they put work into is their PR, their PR is terrible. Like really really bad, transparent and ill-thought out. The one thing they put energy in to.

        1. Clampers Outside

          What heavy lifting could he or anyone else have done? It was always going to be the EU who would be doing that regardless of who is the big T.
          And any politician in the big T seat would have done the same regarding looking for credit.

          That’s not a defence of LV but just pointing that I don’t believe any, and I do mean any politician, would do any different.

  5. V


    Tis hard to tell what’s more pathetic and unseemly

    RTÉ’s fear that it will be a FF led Government next
    Or just how full of himself Leo Varadkar really is

  6. Hector Ramirez

    Heard his speech this morning on radio..

    ‘Thank you for the privilege of making me Taoiseach’ thanking the FG party there spins it like thanking the electorate.

    ‘now I seek a fresh mandate…’ he never got one, but spins it like he did.

    ‘I understand many don’t feel the improvement in their pockets…’

    5 years later acknowledges the slogan from 2016 was rubbish


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