I Love The Smell Of Slurry In The Morning

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This morning.

Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

A line of tractors blocking the road to Merrion Square with placards accusing Bord Bia of betraying rural Ireland as part of Day 2 of a farmer’s protest in Dublin.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

13 thoughts on “I Love The Smell Of Slurry In The Morning

  1. Dr.Fart

    saw one sing on a tractor this morning “BEEF PRICES MUST RISE” .. doesn’t seem like a slogan you’re guna get many people behind. “What do we want?” “Expensive beef!”

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Indeed – there hasn’t been any sensible proposal or recommendation. ‘Moar moony for air bafe’ was all I got on yesterday’s media reports. They’re losing public support.

      1. Dr.Fart

        yea, and they don’t have a good track record for being a group you wanna get behind. they’ve been greedy for as long as i remember. they probably are getting screwed at the moment, with cheap Brazil beef deal and supermarkets diddling them. But any memory i have of them is of greed. and they’d usually get the governments support who would fold to their greedy demands in the past, because theres a lot of farmers, and thats a lot of votes.

        also, as a protest, i cant see the gov. really being bothered by them parking in town for a day. if anything i think people like the look of it. everyone taking photos n stuff, coz u dont see loads of tractors outside the shelbourne every day. it frustrated commuters travelling by car, but everyone else is grand. cant see how this will effect anything.

    1. Otis Blue

      Now they really need to rattle a few political cages by using their power and influence at the ballot box on February 8th.

      A quiet Priest never got a Parish, as they say.

  2. DOC

    I come from a rural background and i understand their concern
    Currently blocking up the M50 to stressed out workers on their way home will not enhance public support for their cause
    What is the solution???


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