12 thoughts on “Pole Vaulting

  1. paul

    Éilis must have changed party too with the name pasted up top. Good on her for re-using her old posters.

    1. The Old Boy

      They are her posters from when she ran as an independent candidate in the 2014 local elections. I think it’s a sound idea (not to mention the added “Dorian Gray” bonus.)

    1. Rob_G

      And people wonder why more women are not getting involved in politics…

      – lucky for you then that having any woman go anywhere near your ‘pole’ is a problem that you are unlikely to encounter any time soon ;)

  2. leoppoldgloom

    There are rules on a minimum height for the posters are there not? I’ve seen a heap of FG ones that are basically at head height and actually dangerous to cyclists and some pedestrians.

    Just another thing they can’t get right

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