24 thoughts on “Sunday’s Papers

  1. f_lawless

    I saw this video the other day and thought silver-spoon royal toff, Harry, cut a bit of a pathetic figure in it.- demeaning himself as he presses an uncomfortable looking Disney CEO to hire his wife while she hovers close by..Seems like Harry, weak and a bit desperate for some kind of real relationship, is doing the bidding of someone who in all probability was drawn to him by toxic forces of celebrity status, wealth and privilege rather than simply Harry the person. I’m just speculating of course, but is the latest announcement part of the plans of a narcissistic person looking to isolate and control him further? Then again I could be just a white privileged male racist for even wondering that ;)

    1. Kate

      I would have thought that Thomas Markle would have been in the UK long before the wedding – to settle him in, show him the ropes, adjustment to his wedding suit if needed, rehearse his role and recover from jet lag. Instead, days before the wedding he is in hospital with heart attack —– I’m certain most brides ( and not even in public eye) would have prioritised such matters at initial stages of organising their wedding. Speculation started before she walked up the aisle and M&H made a hames of it.

      1. George

        Her dad clearly has a lot of problems. He took money from the press to fake photos and passed on letters his daughter sent him.

    2. Lilly

      They want to be financially independent so he’s hustling like an ordinary Joe. How does that make him any more pathetic than any one else trying to earn a living?

        1. Lilly

          Pretty sure she already has one, but what kind of husband wouldn’t put in a good word for his other half.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Dear Meghan,
    Sorry it didn’t work out quite how you planned.
    Nothing personal love.
    Enjoy Canada.
    Her Maj.
    When can we expect the cheque for £2.6million ?

  3. GiggidyGoo

    The Free CD in the papers – if they want market share, the one next week should be The Wolfe Tones.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    €9m to RTÉ – just in time for the run up to the election. How sweet. D4bes will be happy.

  5. Sham Bob

    Right wing newsprint media in England (aka most of it) has spun a view of Markle that plays to every possible prejudice of their readers – snobbery, inverted snobbery, jingoism, begrudgery, as well as racism. It’s blatant when you compare her treatment with that of Kate Middleton. People like yer man Fox can splutter all they want, it was embarassing to watch people parrot the media spin wholeheartedly, while Prince Andrew gets a pass.

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