‘Curled Lips’

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  1. Rob_G

    They’re over-egging the pudding a little but they are right.

    You would never see a news story about a strike that would give half the time explaining the management’s point of view as it would give the strikers. And RTÉ report every fairy story that gets tacked on to the homeless crisis from time to time as fact – Margaret Cash was on Joe Duffy, and then a soft-focus profile with Miriam, with no difficult questions being put her that maybe she should take some responsibility for her own family’s well being. Same with Erica Fleming.

    1. Rob_G

      Also, some TDs (RBB and Paul Murphy, for example) seem to get an inordinate amount of time on the national airwaves, considering their respective parties are polling at low single digits

      1. pedeyw

        Tonight the RTE “leaders debate” is exclusively between Varadkar and Martin. If you listen to morning Ireland there is a representative of FG to talk about some issue or other most mornings. Most reports on strikes they either have a rep from management or the management declined to offer comment.
        The idea that there is a left wing bias in RTE is nonsense.

        1. Rob_G

          Similar thing happened during the presidential debate, AFAIR (main contenders, so no FF or FG, were invited to have a debate, and then a further debate with all of the candidates running).

          FG are on the radio more often than other parties as they are in government, and the remit of the public service broadcaster is to hold the government to account (as indeed is should be).

          We saw it with things like ‘Home Sweet Home’ – this completely uncritical reporting on events that made no attempt to delve further into the motivations/political allegiances of the groups and individuals involved in the campaign.

        2. ReproBertie

          After the election either FF or FG will provide the Taoiseach. That’s why RTÉ only has the leaders of those parties on to debate. The only other party that comes close to their support is SF but there’s zero chance of Mary Lou being Taoiseach after February 8th. Does anyone really believe that her appearing on the debate would swing enough voters to put SF ahead in the polls?

  2. Charger Salmons

    RTE has spent the past four years with its nose up Leo’s backside over Brexit.
    Tony Connelly is his full-time schill in Europe.
    The fact is RTE is the tame poodle of whichever government is in office – it’s why they missed the banking and housing crash and have largely given FG a free ride with Varadkar, their perfect metrosexual Taoiseach.
    The problem is that during elections they have to be even-handed.
    Come the new confidence and supply government they’ll slide their nostrils back up the butt cheeks of whoever is in charge.

  3. broadbag

    The paranoia is incredible, what’s more incredible is that some muppet saw fit to commit this to text without an ounce of foresight that it would get out.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Bitter and childish words. One of the key expectations of any government is to work proactively with its various stakeholders – and that includes the media. This says much more about FG than it does RTE.

  5. V

    If that internal memo wasn’t so delusional I’d call it a load of vital essence

    The entire Board of RTÉ along with it’s senior Management are beholden to Fine Gael
    Not alone that, those same quarters make little to no attempt to disguise their loyalty

    The most successful *homegrown produce RTÉ exported in years – picked up by some of the biggest names in the World; CBS, NBC, Fox, etc; the Marriage Equality Referendum and The Repeal Referendum – news, footage, debates and all the colour stuff, was only for Fine Gael.

    They’d all love for Fine Gael and the Confidence and Supply teams to get back in, and make no mistake about it

    * Pity they couldn’t follow up with a decent player operation, but that’s a different story for a different day


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