“If All [Sinn Féin Candidates] Were Elected They Still Wouldn’t Be In Government”

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This afternoon.

Fianna Fail Election HQ, Dublin.

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Housing, Planning & Local Government James Corden Darragh O’Brien TD at the launch of a FF Press Briefing on Housing with Dublin City Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick (top left) and Deputy Spokesperson on Urban Renewal & Housing Pat Casey TD.

Regarding Sinn Féin’s plans to initiate the “largest ever campaign of public housing construction” as part of its own policy, Mr O’Brien said “we have a Sinn Féin party running approximately 40 candidates – if all of them were elected they wouldn’t be in Government”.

“(Sinn Féin housing spokesman) Eoin Ó Broin has the luxury, and he knows himself, to really say what he wants without having the responsibility to deliver,” Mr O’Brien said.

Sinn Féin policies moot as they are only running 40 candidates, FF TD insists (Breakingnews.ie)


19 thoughts on ““If All [Sinn Féin Candidates] Were Elected They Still Wouldn’t Be In Government”

  1. Jonboy

    This lad came out on top in Fingal in 2016. I really hope his record of voting against the Repeal of the Eight comes back to haunt him.

      1. Paulus

        Also promising 250,000 houses over five years; but then F.F. would have the country’s “Developers” on speed dial..
        and visa versa!

  2. Optimus Grime

    Is there anything stopping a reverse of the current FG-FF arrangement happening in this election? Or come to think of it any election after this?

    1. Rob_G

      Nope. In fact that seems quite likely to happen.

      If some other party like the Greens get enough seats, they will be the kingmakers; that is who I would vote for, given the current impasse.

  3. Stan

    FF are running 82 candidates, so, yes, they could form a governemt if they were all elected bar one. But do they honestly expect that? Like everyone else, FF are running in order to form a coalition afterwards.

    1. V

      In fairness I could do with laying off the puddin’ myself
      And the chips and the mayo
      And the bread and butter with the chips and mayo

      And the cake

  4. Murtles

    No too much like another overinflated egotistical O’Brien we know. Translate his speech to laymans terms and it’s really “Me, me, me, money, money, money for me”.


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