Killing Hennessy

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Mark Hennessy (top) and the scene of his fatal shooting in Cherrywood, County Dublinin May, 2018

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

James Magee  [a Civil Defence volunteer] told the inquest how he followed Hennessy’s car into a car park at the Cherrywood Industrial Estate near Shankill in Dublin.

Mr Magee said he saw that when Mark Hennessy stopped his car, he had his hands on the steering wheel and he made a shrugging gesture as garda cars pulled up in the car park.

He said he saw a box cutter or Stanley knife in Mark Hennessy’s hand, and looked away as he thought Hennessy was going to harm himself with the knife. When he looked back, Hennessy was harming himself.

He saw a plain clothes garda approach the car and draw his revolver. He saw Mark Hennessy appearing to reach down into the passenger footwell for something and then the garda firing a shot through the passenger window.

He then heard a garda say “urgent, assistance required, shot fired by garda” and saw a garda break the driver’s window of Mark Hennessy’s car with a baton.


The inquest at Dublin Coroner’s Court also heard from Christina Connelly, who saw the Nissan Qashqai as she was driving home from work that Sunday evening.

…She told the dispatcher there were two men in the front of the car wearing baseball caps. She followed the car to the Cherrywood Industrial Estate and very soon afterward a marked Civil Defence vehicle and two unmarked garda cars arrived.

Inquest told how garda shot Jastine Valdez’s killer (RTÉ)


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5 thoughts on “Killing Hennessy

  1. Qwerty123

    Good riddance, the guards spared the state a costly trial, then the mandatory make money for the lawyers appeal afterwards and then 15-20 years of prison, where he will be released to repeat his activity again.

    1. Matt

      Surprised none of the parties is pushing for a “judge, jury, and executioner in one” legal system reform in their election manifesto.

      Seems that at least one voter might be tempted.

      1. postmanpat

        Not really. They shot dead, A SUSPECT !! and person of interest DEAD during an ongoing kidnapping situation. Trigger happy clowns afwaid of getting a widdle scrape from a carpet knife. real heroic….


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