Anything Good On Jimmy Kimmel?


Last night.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Colin Farrell talked about an earthquake in Los Angeles, having a DNA test, his new movie The Gentleman directed by Guy Ritchie, and playing The Penguin in the new Batman movie.

He also talked about getting a “black card” to Abrakebabra in Dublin.

Good times.

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live

6 thoughts on “Anything Good On Jimmy Kimmel?

    1. Clampers Outside

      Went to see The Gentleman, and enjoyed it. It’s Guy Ritchie doing Guy Ritchie movies.
      I think Colin’s character in it is something he’s done before, and there was one scene in it where dialogue really went silly, not silly haha, but more so silly you’d wonder how it past the cut. Anyhoo… tis an enjoyable bit of cinema escapism, if you like GR doing GR :)

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Nothing like your fine self then.

      Climb down off that Hugh horse before you hurt yourself.

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