12 thoughts on “Stop That

    1. bisted

      …heard Gove and others with the same message…heal the divisions and move on…as you Tans would say – not likely…Scotland shall have her independence and the North will feast on cake from EU, England and the South…ordering extra popcorn to watch you tear each other to pieces…marvellous…

      1. Charger Salmons

        You reckon ?
        The SNP have been flogging the dead horse of independence for years and they’ve finally got an opinion poll in their favour by a figure so small it falls within the percentage of error.
        Is that it ?
        Most English people would be delighted if the Scots naffed off but we’re just a bit apprehensive about a Third World country sharing a land border with us.
        You can take NI if you want Fisted but I’ve yet to meet an Irish person south of the border who wants it unless they’re some bug-eyed barstool loon like Repro O’Bertie-Begorrah.
        Why would anyone except some nationalist head-banger want to leave one of the world’s great economies to live under the EU like a worm under a jackboot.
        Dream on buster.

        1. scottser

          You’re making a fond farewell difficult charger. If you’re not careful you won’t even get a ‘smell ya later’..

  1. george

    The statue is often dressed in topical costumes. This not a reflection of “them” taking it well or otherwise.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      A reflection of taking the pissoir.

      (That yoke and Denmark’s Little Mermaid are the two most disappointing statues I’ve encountered in my long statue-visiting career.)


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