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  1. Redbeard

    No SocDem candidate in my constituency, unfortunately.

    1. SF – for the first time in my life.
    2. Green (least worst of the rest).
    3. Ind. Local lad, first time out. Not a hope of being elected but needs encouragement.
    4. Ind. County councillor, formerly an FF candidate, not the worst of them.

    That’s it.

    Nul Points for FFG, Nazis, Fascists, religious freaks, or assorted head-the-balls.

  2. 01101101 01100011

    1. Catherine Murphy (Soc Dem)
    2. Réada Cronin (SF)
    3. Paul Mahon (S-PBP)
    4. Vincent P Martin (GP)

    rest field blank

    place felt busy, plenty people there – all sorts, my age and younger, guys with buggy’s, older generation

    nobody political around the place no drama

    couple of people wearing face masks, yikes!

  3. Charger Salmons

    Shinners – the only party properly committed to a united Ireland. The sooner we foist the expensive cesspool of NI on this country the better.
    Every self-respecting Irish person who has ever sang ” Ooh, ah, up the ‘RA ” should be voting for the murderers.
    I also went for an Independent because of his sound views on immigration.
    Poor old Leo.
    All those glory days peacocking across the European stage at the beck and call of Druncker and Co.
    Just a distant memory now as he gets a good kicking on a wet Saturday in February.
    I wonder if Boris will have a small chortle to himself …

    1. Redbeard

      For shame, Charger! Surely you know that Old Etonians don’t chortle. They guffaw, man!

      I think PM Johnson should guffaw loudly and often. The man should savour every occasion that presents itself. Life is short, as will be his tenure at Downing Strasse.

    2. Banco de Gaia No. 8

      Charger Salmons is a bit like Steve Bannon if you just squint your eyes a tiny little bit.

      Both of them have fantastical willies.

  4. Ringsend Incinerator

    Dún Laoghaire

    1. Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP)
    2. Dave Quinn (SD’s)
    3. Shane O’Brien (SF)

    can’t remember the rest

    1. missred

      I’ll be round there later and will pretty much do the same as you. I cannot bear the idea of John Waters getting within ten feet of a meeting in the council, let alone the Dail, so hope he shoos off like sumat you’ve trodden in

      1. Praetorian.

        so why even give him a preferance…leave him blank…do the same with FF/FG/L candidates…just leave them blank.

    1. Nigel

      Yes, I’ve been learning the bodhran.

      (I have neither a new baby nor a bodhran, I had to ‘borrow’ them when going to vote.)

      But thanks anyway, guys.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Not to bang my own drum as it were but I’ve been teaching myself the mandolin over the past few months.
        A delightful instrument which makes a sweet sound and benefits from its size making it easy to transport.
        Often when I’m at a loose end I’ll whip it out for a good pluck.
        We should get together and make music one day.
        Forget our differences.
        Hands across the water etc.
        Galway Girl would be a relatively easy tune to begin with.
        What say you Nigel old sport ?

          1. Steph Pinker

            Charger, I have to say that your comments make me laugh, you are intellectual and you have an imagination that most people don’t have the ability to recognise, much less understand. For what it’s worth, and contrary to most opinions on BS, I don’t think you’re a troll; you’re more of an organ grinder than a monkey.

          1. Charger Salmons

            You see Nigel, we’re not so different after all.
            We could become Broadsheet’s very own Chuckle Brothers.
            You’d be Martin obvs.

          1. V

            The wave isn’t going to do anything much for sitting Candidates
            And I’m told locally the lustre had started to wear from Dessie a while back

            Hope I’m wrong of course

          2. ReproBertie

            I’d be very happy to see Caroline Conroy take it but I’d hate to see FFG end up with 2 seats.

          3. Ghost of Yep

            SD, SF and a toss up between fg/ff. I cant see any change in mood that could sway any other way. FF I would imagine will pull back in front for the 3rd. Conroy would be a miracle.

  5. Nibbers

    There’s an interesting article in the Irish Times today about how to vote with the most impact. If there are certain parties/candidates that you definitely don’t want in government, then rather than not giving them a number, you should rank them last. It will have more impact

    1. D'Great Unwashed

      Today will be as good as it gets for the Shinners.

      The most seats that they can get is around 42.

      Anyone over 25 in this country has seen this all before 1977 FF, 1982 FG, 1987 PDS, 1992 Labour, etc. etc..

      These votes will disappear like snow on a ditch.

      Any incoming government should go for the jugular and request a Border Poll in Ni (to take place before the summer), when that is lost SF will have nothing to moan about and accept defeat.

      Then when eventually in 25 years or so there is a united Ireland, those in NI who vote SF when they have a choice won’t be voting for them esp when they realise that they’re crap running things other than.

      And also when Brexit is done, I’d tax the jaysus out of holiday homes owned by Northerners to fund the building of social housing.

      Give them a taste of SF tax policies and know that there is no Magic Money Tree.

    2. 01101101 01100011

      Hi Nibblers

      that conundrum wrecked the heads of myself, mates and some family yesterday…like a rabbit hole, beware :)

    3. Toe Up

      That article was written by FG mouthpiece Stephen Collins.

      If you give your least favorite candidate a preference, even the last preference, there is a chance that you vote could transfer to them towards the end of the counts. If you don’t give them any preference, then they can never get your vote.

      1. Cian

        There is no practical difference between leaving the last person blank or giving them a number. It will not affect the election one way or the other.

        If you leave 2 blank then your vote may have made the difference between the two.

        1. Toe Up

          I hope a lot of people will have cause to be leaving multiple boxes blank, to reflect the lack of support for FF and FG candidates. Giving them a low preference carries a risk that some of them would be elected in later counts in tight constituencies.

  6. 01101101 01100011

    hm, I did ok on the LC History but I’d forgotten this…..

    the terms “left” and “right” were invented during the French Revolution whereby members of the Assembly divided into 2 camps – supporters of the king (to the president’s right) and supporters of the revolution (to his left)

    according to wikipedia:
    [7] One deputy, the Baron de Gauville, explained: “We began to recognize each other: those who were loyal to religion and the king took up positions to the right of the chair so as to avoid the shouts, oaths, and indecencies that enjoyed free rein in the opposing camp”.[8]

    so mon dieu! I may be indecent but revolution it is for me!

        1. Pat Mustard

          Tell me how he hasn’t won when he has 6000 more votes than Mayor Pete?

          Only an idiot would think otherwise..

          1. Golden Balls

            Could you be more silly?
            This is from your own article

            Based on the way the Iowa caucuses work, a candidate can win the most votes and still lose overall by not obtaining the most delegates.
            To put it another way, early results signaled Sanders was winning the popular vote, while Buttigieg was winning in terms of what’s essentially Iowa’s equivalent to the Electoral College.

          2. Pat Mustard

            Electoral college doesn’t matter for the primary.

            The only reason I posted that article was to rubbish your previous article.

            Only an idiot would think that Bernie Sanders hasn’t won Iowa with 6000 more votes than his closest participant.

          3. Golden Balls

            You are silly if I can be honest
            I actually feel bad exposing you like this

            Final results from last Monday’s Iowa caucus, which was beset by technical problems, give Mr Buttigieg victory over Bernie Sanders, with Mr Biden trailing in fourth place.

            Pete is killing Bernie in New Hampshire as well

          4. Pat Mustard

            The only one drinking kool aid is you champ.

            Bernie has won the popular vote.

            Neck and neck on delegate’s.

            Bernie will win New Hampshire and Lousiana where Mayor Pete has no black backing.

            Your wrong yet again.

            Only an absolute moron would think that Bernie hasn’t won in Iowa and isn’t odds on favourite to win the nomination for the general election.

  7. David J

    1) FG (Leo)
    2) Greens
    3) SocDems
    I only made up my mind at the polling station and was going to puts greens #1 but although I think that FG have botched housing and cost of living, I think they have been fairly sensible with budgets, were good on the abortion ref, strong on brexit and economy. I also think their plans for income tax changes makes more sense than any other party. Also I could never vote for FF because of the Great Recession and could never vote Sinn Fein.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            a barrister friend who knows her well and is also a member of FG told me that, while he liked her personally, she was too far right for him

            and I’d regard him as the farthest to the right person I know

          2. Brother Barnabas

            curious too, cian, as to which of the two FFs got your vote… albeit down the line

            I’m guessing young cormac… despite looking like he still hopes to make it into boyzone

          3. Cian

            Actually both FFers. Cormac first though.

            Much as I dislike FF. I’d put them before the crazy lefties.

          4. Janet, I ate my avatar

            it’s a tough one and divides families, I can’t even talk to my brother about politics because he sees it through a very successful Irish business man’s view point and I see it through 18 years of France and disgust at the state of basic services and housing here despite high taxes…

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            sorry my point being Cian is that those crazy lefties wouldn’t sound so crazy if you were not possibly a little younger and struggling yourself ?

  8. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    1 Soc Dem
    2 Lab
    3 Green
    4 FG
    5 PBP

    Most entertaining election campaign since 2011 presidential!

  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    1. Ind
    2. PBP
    3. GP
    4. SF
    5. LAB
    Held my nose for the last 2, but it was for the greater good.

    The Wexford ballot has 2 “Murphy, independent” candidates. Bart and Verona. Be a shame if her voters got mixed up!

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          Harsh. I was one of five girls with the same name in my class.

          My daughter, in a hilarious twist of fate, suffers from a similar (but not identical) situation.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            Oh no, it is Mildred. It was just a very popular name that year, 1903. I’m a very fine vintage.

  10. V

    As of this post
    Only two here gave Sinn Féin no 1s
    Not including Charger btw – eejit ya
    All the rest were down ticket

    And given their (in the main) one Candidate per constituency National Campaign Strategy
    That’s not going to get them those seat numbers everyone seems to be convinced about

    One thing ye are showing is how transfer friendly the Shinners are this time out
    So let’s all hope they don’t get elimated before they get the benefit of yere preferences

          1. Steph Pinker

            The reason you’re not looking for change is because you’ve no holes in your pockets, Cian – in fact, I’d imagine you happily jingle your coins as you wander along Grafton St. with Rob who underscored in life.

      1. V

        That would have been my first instinct
        But I have a gut feeling FF and the Greens are going to be very pleased with themselves by this time tomorrow night

        And Dublin South Central might have a new poll topper btw

        Having said that, my feeling is the Confidence & Supply arrangement, albeit in a vice versa phase, will continue; typical Job Share stuff in fairness.

          1. Golden Balls

            Everyone’s favourite SF/Aontu-loving conspiracy buff Putin bot is back after several bans from the site with his umpteenth pseudonym

    1. Golden Balls

      You’re a completely clueless gobspoo
      As if the fraperoom for Aontu, Soc Dem and FG in here is representative. Pipe down and stop making a fool of yourself- repeatedly

  11. GiggidyGoo


    then all the way down with the two Murphy’s and FF FG at the bottom
    That was half an hour after the Ireland Wales match and the centre was very busy
    That’s it from the sunny south east..

      1. GiggidyGoo

        All politics are local and the candidate is good. I dont see your preferences. Maybe you couldn’t read the names and didnt know who the photos were of.

        1. Golden Balls

          that’s easy
          Anyone but Aontu, Renua, the fascist parties or FFG
          I have given the green fella number 1 and SF and labour a lower scratch, higher up I gave Dr Cathal Berry and the Soc Dems a scratch

  12. Cú Chulainn

    I got my vote in early and am now far away.. I cannot believe any of you are voting Green. Ryan is an class one idiot. They have no policies, no costings, just vague waffle. PBP want to nationalise the builders. HELLO. I won’t mention a Labour Party that celebrates opening food banks. And so, SF. I couldn’t do it. If it was one of the bright ones, maybe, but I have Chris Andrews, who is really FF, useless, and makes Ryan appear a towering intellectual. And they still have O’Snodaigh and that’s not ok. That’s it. The angry vote can only go so far. When I land in a land far far away the exit poll will be out and we will face in a new world.. or, the world with a familiar but different face..

  13. ReproBertie

    Exit Poll:
    FG – 22.4
    SF – 22.3
    FF – 22.2
    GP – 7.9
    Lab – 4.6
    SD – 3.4
    PBP – 2.8
    AON – 1.8
    Oth – 1.5
    IND – 11.5

    MOE – 1.3

  14. Lilly

    1. Social Democrats
    2. Green
    3. People Before Profit
    4. Labour
    5. Fine Gael

    ….then all the way down to the Irish Freedom Party at 13.

  15. Lilly

    Before going to vote, I collected all the flyers from the post box. ‘Balls For All’ from Subway popped out on top. Summed it up nicely.


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