The freak out continues.

This morning.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2.

Obstreperous Irish Daily Mail Political Editor John Lee (pic 2 left) challenges Sinn Féin’s leadership, including Mary Lou McDonald, (top), on the industrial wage and other matters at a gathering of the party’s newly-elected TDs.

Mr Lee outlined the possibility of a Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael/Green Party ‘Grand’ coalition in this morning‘s Irish Daily Mail.



Another angle.

42 thoughts on “No Lee Way

    1. Charger Salmons

      Irish press assuming their usual kneeling position waiting to be told whose butt cheeks to insert their nose between …

        1. Charger Salmons

          You’re late to the party.
          Already posted in the Thursday Papers slot.
          Seems your man is wielding the power again while you attempt to score points on an obscure Irish website.
          Where did it all go wrong Champ ?

        2. Slightly Bemused

          All I heard so far is Julian Smith has been sacked as NI Secretary, and rumours that BJ is trying to get younger people into the roles. Likely if they are less experienced they will be more likely to toe his line

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Great headline as usual, Bodger :)

    Did they give a reason not to take questions? I just heard a clip of Mary Lou on the news and sounds like they are really putting it up to FF. No harm, some of the rhetoric coming from their ranks, and those of FG including Leo, have been both petulant and condescending. Along the lines of ‘you wanted to form a government. Lets see how you like it!’ It’s like they had their toys taken away so now they are sulking

    1. Bodger

      Slightly, I think it was intended as a SF parliamentary meeting in private with questions from the press afterwards.

        1. Bodger

          Although I think having got the press there early they probably should have taken questions before their meeting.

  2. Hector Ramirez

    Plenty of ‘lol SF sticking it to the media…’ ‘media are a insiders with FF/FG’

    Sort of reminds me of Fake news and drain the swamp nonsense going on either side of us.

  3. Truth in the News

    Remember when the English Mail used do front page photos of Public Enemy
    No 1 Joe Cahill, can we expect the Mail to run one now of McDonald, the media
    are rattled and quite a few people have now realized that there are quite a few
    organs of print and broadcasting some what a little biased when it comes to
    Shinners and all the ranting and raving has had the direct opposite, in fact it
    led the avalanche last Saturday, the only thing the Shinners need now is the
    apparaition or resurrection of Conor Cruise O’Brien from Glasnevin, has anyone
    checked out, is he still there….?

  4. V

    I think John Lee would be better off asking his missus, and her party (FF btw) some questions about that tweet
    (in reply to Kate O’ Connell’s Sister – and then Parliamentary Assistant and wife of Hugh, infamous Good Ride-day etc series of tweets)
    Which imo anyway, was far more foul

    Re the gathering above – It would appear that it was intended to be just a photo-op

    And afaic anyway, its the Media that should be answering Sinn Fein’s questions, for now, and not the other way round

    1. class wario

      I don’t really get the outrage over the Good ride day stuff tbh, just seems like a bunch of stupid gags. not particularly funny or clever ones but nevertheless

      1. V

        You obviously didn’t see Ms Clifford -Lee’s contribution to that thread then

        And the outrage is deserved imo

        at the time Mary Lou had actually been elected – GE2016 on around 24%
        And had proved herself again and again and again etc etc etc as a Politican of significant substance

        This bunch – not so much as a quota between them

  5. Cian

    Pre 2020-election: O.M.G. why are the MSM so docile and just regurgitate press releases and not ask questions.

    Post election: O.M.G. why are the MSM so mean? why are they asking questions? why won’t they just regurgitate our press releases?

    1. Charger Salmons

      Heaven forbid the media should be allowed to ask politicians questions without being given permission .
      That’s how Charlie Haughey got away with being a crook all his life.

        1. Charger Salmons

          You need a press conference to be able to question a politician ?
          These tin-pot democrats need to be called out at every opportunity.
          This is what happens when you have a spineless and supine media behaving like school kids in front of a teacher instead of getting stuck in with some vengeance.

          1. Kolmo

            Are you calling the recent fair election a function of tin-pot democrats?
            A compromised media is why we have tolerated a housing emergency for so long, among many other cartels and scandals. The billionaire owners of the Mail and INM aren’t happy the interests of the state and it’s citizens are diverging from theirs, so “emotive” stunts like this are hence likely to be more common from their employees…

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Well that is your biases affecting your reading of it, adding meaningless connotation to two completely different words.

  6. A Person

    The bearded ones from Belfast were not there to advise on the answers. And btw if Bodger is taking a shining to SF, kiss or death. Ask Gemma.

  7. :-Joe

    Haha.. The daily mail.. pfff..
    Is that even a real newspaper or a credible news organisation with real journalists?

    Seriously, who is getting their information on issues and events or even general news from the daily mail?

    It’s a joke rag publication designed to siphen off the eejits into an easy target group for simple methods of manipulation and weaponisation for profit.

    Similar to the one-arm bandit /slot machines in a casino that prey on the low hanging fruit.


    1. Charger Salmons

      Who is getting their information from the Daily Mail ?
      Most days the Mail, Sunday Mail and Mail Online has a readership of around 8 million in the UK, about 15% of the population.
      Worldwide the Mail Online gets around 200 million hits a month.
      Overall the Mail Group makes around £145million a year in profits.
      Is it a credible news organisation with real journalists?
      The Mail has won the National Newspaper of the Year award from the British Press Awards seven times since 1995.
      It sells around 29,000 copies a day in Ireland.
      Whatever your views on its editorial policy it is most definitely not ” joke rag publication “

  8. Iwerzon

    His missus Fianna Fáil Senator Loraine Clifford-Lee lost Fingal to a Hhinner right? He’s Daily Mail right? Is he going to ask any constructive questions that might assist the public as to the current situation and possible scenarios? No. He’s got a list of things to bash MLMcD with. Up the Ra, National Industrial Wage….checks notes…antisemitism claims (well it’s bound to happen).

  9. curmudgeon

    100% this. I’m all for rigourous grilling of those in office or those aspiring to it…but this guy can fpp off.
    Fun fact: the dailymail.IE redirects to dailymail.CO.UK

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