Staying In Tomorrow?

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Ryan Tubridy

On the Late Late Show

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

It’s that time of the year again when over 200 singletons put their hopeful hearts in Ryan Tubridy’s hands for The Late Late Show Valentine’s Special, this year aptly taking place tomorrow evening, Friday February 14.

Assisting Ryan will be a cast that includes former Wet Wet Wet front-man Marti Pellow

Eilish O’Carroll, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, and her partner Marion O’Sullivan, will be among the couples joining Ryan for a special segment entitled Love Will Find A Way.

The inimitable Mary O’Rourke will be joined by Pat Spillane and Sharon Higgins to give their “Agony OAP” life advice to millennials in distress

The famed three-chair challenge also returns, sending some audience members on a romantic and luxurious date… to The Late Late Show greenroom.

The Late Late Show Valentine’s Special, RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

Pic via RTÉ

16 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s no less than the pizzed up audience deserves. The LLS valentine “special” has been cringe tv every year.

  1. missred

    I do believe Marti Pellow is a no-surrender type, so I’d love it if Ryan can ask him a few things about Sinn Fein’s electoral victories. It’d liven up the show no end

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Mary O’effin Rourke? Another Father Jack moment ‘is that gob….. still on the telly’
    Saw the trailer for this, and it’s an episode that should be aired on ITV2, alongside that type of high-brow entertainment.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Flicked through the radio channels this morning a few minutes after 9 to grab some news in the car. RTE Radio One (normally a go-to current affairs station at most times of the day?) were belting out that awful fingers song by ‘Wet Wet Wet’. I see now it was Tubridy’s slot. He’s such a tart, promoting his own show and downgrading the airwaves with it.

  4. J Dizzle

    This show should be done every five years. It’s a joke of a special now. Tubs is a useless as a Chocolate kettle.

  5. Jimothy

    He really is a useless hack. WHY is he still employed by RTE? Do we as TV licence payers/tax payers/viewers/listners not have any say in why this talentless moron continues to monopolize every job going in RTE.

  6. Liam Deliverance

    The late,great Gay Byrne will be spinning in his grave to see what has become of the once great Late Late Show, RIP Mr Byrne – they could of moved the Darsey Show to Fri and Late Late to Sat and put this guff on the Darsey show

    *takes TV and locks it the good room, posts key to self


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