The Right To Know How Much

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A bumper state-funded salary thread by Ken Foxe, who writes:

The new chief executive of the Land Development Agency: €200,000 per year, provision of a car, health insurance for the candidate and their family, and access to the pension scheme applicable to commercial state body chiefs….

…On the right A salary of €200,000 for the new Project Director of the National Children’s Hospital. This used to be one role but was split into separate posts with a project director and chief officer. Unknown material was redacted by Dept of Public Expenditure & Reform:

On the left a salary of €177,175 per year for the new Chief Officer of the National Children’s Project. This was to reflect the “significant increase in the scale & complexity of the role, the ongoing political, public, and media interest in the project …”…

…Sanction was granted for an increase in the salary of the chief executive of Sport Ireland to €157,000 per year for the final year of the incumbent’s contract. The Dept of Public Expenditure would not comment on why this happened…

…The new head of the National Screening Service is to be given a salary of €161,477 per year. This role has yet to be filled and the competition is ongoing. Dept of Public Expenditure said in future they wanted to be given more notice to make such decisions…

…Sanction was also given for IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan to be reappointed for a five year term with a salary of €187,869 per year. This followed letter from IDA who said the salary had “not been reviewed for some time”…

…the Dept also granted permission for a new head of regulatory affairs at the Health Insurance Authority to be paid a salary at the highest level of the principal officer scale. This is likely a salary of between €101,114 and €107,399…

…Approval for Director of the National Archives to be appointed at a rate of €93,785 per year. Not fully clear if this was the final arrangement and Dept would not provide any further information on it.

Right To Know

Ken Foxe

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  1. Rory Hayes

    As they like to say “we could earn way more in the private market” but yet they always fill these jobs with mates content on these lowly salaries doing the state some service.


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