This Day In Irish History tweetz:

This day 119 years ago – 19 February 1901 – Thomas O’Donnell, MP for West Kerry, spoke Irish in the House of Commons during his maiden speech. The Speaker of the House, William Gully (top), interrupted, saying O’Donnell could not “address the house in any other language than English.”

But what did he say, anyone?

Thomas O’Donnell?

13 thoughts on “Ordú! Ordú!

  1. Blueswannabe

    “As an Irish person from a place that speaks Irish, a man from a nation with it’s own language and that is still trying to achieve freedom” nílim go hiomlán cinnte, ach focal cosúil leis atá i gceist?

  2. Slightly Bemused

    What is lovely to see is the old Irish letters being used, in the days when a séimhiú was still common, and the letters distinctive! I would love to see that coming back especially as now with computers it is not an issue. I am assuming that this pic is of an Irish publication, not an English one?

    1. Tringo

      We are European and we must look to the future
      We are also a multicultural ireland not a nationalistic society that is exclusive only to those who
      Speak Gaelic
      We learn from history not repeat it


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