Tusla And The Silencing


Anon writes:

We are a community group gravely concerned about the UN stating in 2019 that children in Ireland are silenced when they allege sexual abuse.

90% of 3,000 allegations came to nothing in 2018.

Tusla, the family courts and the Gardai are failing to protect our children. Please share this infographic.

Previously: Tusla on Broadsheet

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43 thoughts on “Tusla And The Silencing

  1. rebel yell

    2% conviction rate for 3,000 child sexual abuse allegations per year. This means either children are lying or being silenced.
    Tusla need to be transparent on how many allegations are unfounded each year

  2. James T Russell

    This is just madness, have any of our newly elected officials said they would look into this?

  3. Anon2

    Tusla need to be compelled by law to start publishing data re number of allegations and % referred to the Gardai. This is disgusting!

  4. Faith Hughes

    This information is enlightening and devastating in equal measure. So well researched but it highlights a dysfunctional system not fit for purpose which requires immediate political action to rectify!

  5. KH

    It is both shocking and disgusting!! It clearly shows that the system is not working and certainly not protecting the vulnerable children and those trying their best to protect them. It warrants a review.

  6. Daisy Lou

    This is horrific. Have we learned nothing from the past? So much for ‘children first’! Surely publishing data re number of allegations and % referred to the Gardai should be a mandatory at the very least? It’s called one in four for a reason!! Shocking shocking level of accountability here. In a few years there will be a hue and cry as to how a ‘civilised’ society could let this happen…

  7. Teresa

    Tusla’s every appearance in the media contains negative revelations over its policies, staff and activities. It has been officially reprimanded as not fit for purpose. Why does it still have such autonomy over children’s lives? Especially when it makes dubious judgement calls such as giving alleged abusers the contact details of the abused. This infographic contains all the info a TD needs to call the government – and the people – to action and ask why we are repeating the mistakes of the past by placing all our trust in an institute that is repeatedly giving cause for concern over its commitment to protecting children’s interests – not alleged abusers. At the very least, the low conviction rate should have us all wondering what is going on.

  8. Anonymous

    This is a terrifying read. The failures, gaps and inadequacies that are coming to light about TULSA in recent months are truly shocking. Who is governing and inspecting this body? An independent review once and for all must be done. What are our politicians doing about this? We need proper action and accountability now once and for all. These statistics speak for themselves. Horrifying that this continues in this day and age. A lot of research and evidence has gone into this, incredible piece of work. Well done to the source.

  9. Grace Winston

    Quite a few commentators have castigated Tusla over a variety of failures. To see this representation of their performance is truly shocking and soul destroying for anyone identified as being a mandated person. Shame on the state for getting it so wrong.

  10. Anon

    This information is just mind blowing… How is this still happening in 2020?! How are we STILL here? As a concerned public we have learned from our State’s past destructive decisions in the familial domain but unfortunately our current successive governments appeared to have learned nothing from the past. How can they not learn anything from what has gone before? Successive Irish Governments have form in the consistent lack of the duty of care towards its most vulnerable citizens. If a system is broken it must be fixed. Abuse in all its forms is criminal and must be treated as such. The Gardaí must be allowed to conduct their investigations without interference from a state body that that regularly reveals itself to have very questionable standards to say the least. The treatment of concerned parents and children in this area is just despicable… Why is a young child disbelieved? To create a narrative that concerned parents are mad or bad as the only plausible explanation on situations such as these is ludicrous. How about the truth? Is the potential truth ludicrous? The low conviction rate serves to support that theory that abuse victims are liars and the people who try to support them are mad or bad … How is this healthy? The Irish Government needs to be brave. Ireland’s citizens are suffering daily, yearly… History will not look back kindly on us as a society… again…

  11. Rainbow Bright

    Another Shameful secret the Irish State is trying to bury. How many generations of children is Ireland going to destroy. Although it pretends, Ireland does not care about its young…. Just the people at the top.

  12. Anony

    A shocking indictment of a failed system. We are meant to protect the most vulnerable in our society, not the predators that prey on them. A radical restructure is needed. Makes me sick.

  13. DeeC

    This is a shocking and devastating read. Tusla is a complete and utter failure. How is this happening? Why are children not being listened to? Why are so many lives being utterly destroyed? What is going on in Tusla? This is a national emergency. Or does this country want to destroy yet another generation?

  14. Joey

    The government has been on sleep mode on anything to do with children protection….they keep on making lots of noise about the past so no one talks about what’s happening on the ground right now…there is clear need for a re-think about how Tusla operates as they only do something when a scandal breaks on the news like in the case of hide and seek creche

  15. FreedFromDesire

    How many children in ireland are lying in bed wondering if their abuser will be in? Horrifying

  16. Brendan Geoghegan

    Thanks for putting the infographic together… its a really shocking process the Tulsa are a operating.
    The Child’s rights and protection should be the primary objective and it seems victims continue to suffer such under Tulsa’s watch

  17. Paul

    This is terrible, how can this be happening with a state run body supposedly looking after some of the most vulnerable in our society.

  18. ASD

    Amazing that we substitute the absolute power of he Church for with another single entity that has absolute power over children of Ireland. The comparsion with NI is Stark, with the Garda commissioner with a background in NI policing, surely best practice should preval. Get loud everybody

  19. Proud Parent

    This is truly shocking ! 2,940 allegations every year form OUR children come to nothing. Even taking into account the estimated false accusations of 240 this still leaves 2,700 of OUR children EVERY year with nothing being done to help and protect them in their hour of darkest need. What sort of country do we live in which allows this to happen and worse still assist the preparators of this abuse to continue to abuse.

    Another very striking issue here is the fear that is apparent in the people who post responses (myself included). Everybody is afraid of the all-encompassing power that this dysfunctional body TUSLA has. How on earth did we get to a stage where they are tasked with protecting OUR children and yet do not even answer to An Garda Síochána. It is only when we stand up together to this tyranny that we will overcome it.

    Whoever put this infographic together deserves our upmost gratitude and we can honour the work that they have put in by making sure that everyone is aware of what is actually going on and how we as a nation are failing 1,000’s of OUR children every year.

  20. Orla

    So shocking and appalling, after everything this country has already put generations of children through. More and more coming to light re Tusla. When will this be faced up to once and for all.

  21. GiggidyGoo

    Any sign of RTE doing a Prime Time special on this? A question and answer session with Pat Rabbitte?

  22. MathewF

    Brilliant piece of information, thanks for posting it. Most people in Ireland are not aware of the any of this. This is clearly an ongoing Breach of Human Rights (not only children) happening in our country. From reading the Infographic, it sounds that it is well established in Ireland, which is the scary thing. Is it now a matter for the European Courts? Definitely in need of an external European Investigation.

  23. Eimear

    Profoundly depressing to see such stark evidence in 2020 that this country is still incapable of properly looking after children.

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